Multitasking platform Zerion is about to launch a browser wallet extension, aiming to compete directly with .

Zerion adds new features, ambition to compete with

Zerion Wallet is preparing to launch a browser extension, against heavy competitor MetaMask. The utility is in beta, expected to launch at the end of November.

According to an announcement at the Breakpoint event in Lisbon (Portugal), the extension will support multiple seed phrases and has been securely tested by three companies.

Accordingly, Zerion supports users to check token balances on multiple with just one action. Meanwhile, MetaMask only shows the balance per and users have to switch between networks to see their tokens.

Wallet also shows in the extension, similar to the above Phantom wallet . NS on multiple blockchains will also be displayed at the same time.

When making transactions on different blockchains, the wallet automatically switches the network on behalf of the user. For security, Zerion will notify users which network they are on. This makes it much easier to use cross-chain applications.

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Vadim Koleoshkin, CEO of Zerion said:

“Transactions are essential on Web3. However, current wallets make the processing process slower, unclear, and cause a lot of confusion for users. Our extension will contribute to making transactions smoother, safer and more transparent.”

Branch has evolved over the mass blockchain over the past few years. Even many blockchains now have their own set of applications and scaling layers. Therefore, users are holding tokens in different applications on different layers of different blockchains. Since then, tracking their assets has also gradually become more complicated. That's the problem Zerion and rivals like Zapper and DeBank are trying to solve.

Zerion started out as a portfolio tracker. The app supports more than 10 blockchains, including blockchains that are compatible with as and ; Scaling solutions as Abritrum and Optimism.

Zerion has integrated projects another to the mobile application. Lens Protocol Decentralized Social Network Launched by App is one of them. Zerion also uses API to support users to swap (swap) tokens through decentralized exchanges.

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In the future, Zerion plans to add a browser for apps into your mobile application. This is intended to help users browse, create transactions, and approve them within the app. Zerion is also launching multichain transaction history.

Zerion successfully raised $12.3 million in a Series B round last month. The app had more than 200,000 users, with a transaction volume of more than $1.5 billion, at the time.

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