The successful launch of YuzuSwap's Network () shows that demand for decentralized exchanges continues to grow after a record 2021.

The first DEX of Oasis Network (ROSE) reaches 100 million TVL after being invested by Binance Labs
Floor first of Network () reached 100 million VND after being Investment Labs

YuzuSwap, the first decentralized exchange to work on the network Oasis, has seen rapid appeal since its January 11th launch.

During the first 24 hours of operation, YuzuSwap achieved a total locked value () up to 100 million dollars. The trading volume in the same time frame is $323 million.

YuzuSwap is built using Emerald, a featured smart contract fully compatible with virtual machines. (EVM) by Oasis. YuzuSwap was once set by Oasis with great ambition after deploying ParaTime on the mainnet.

In terms of features, YuzuSwap uses a peer-to-peer automated market maker to provide users with low-cost token swaps on and within the Oasis ecosystem, and also support token transfers from six other through the platform's mainnet.

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YuzuSwap launched on the same day as the event Labs, the exchange's investment fund , announced a $40 million investment in Oasis Network. In addition, in November, Oasis also received support from other large investment funds such as Hashed, Capital, NGC Ventures, Pantera Capital and Dragonfly Capital to launch a potential $160 million ecosystem development fund.

The positive news flow contributed to the increase in the value of ROSE, the token of the Oasis Network. ROSE is recorded trading at $0.499, up 14.2% in the last 24 hours. Although the market is still quite stagnant due to the disruption of (), but ROSE has maintained gains of 43% over the past two weeks and 67% for the month.

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