The grant will be held Game7 gives potential Web3 game projects within the next 5 years.

Web3 Game7 announced a 100 million USD sponsorship fund

On November 28, Game7 announced that it would allocate $100 million and fund open source technology to upcoming Web3 startups. 

Grants are paid in , deployed in 5 years and poured 20 million USD/year. The program gives priority to projects in 5 categories of technology, events, diversification, education and research.

According to Ronen Kirsh – representative of the organization said in the press release:

“Improving the standard of smart contracts, tools, interactive wallets, and scaling solutions will be critical on the path to global adoption of Web3 games. We have allocated our 20% commitment fund to fund each of these key components, leaving the gaming industry focused on building sustainable economies.”

Game7 DAO's $500 million fund is contributed by and . The cross-chain funding program is expected to help the ecosystem , , Immutable and . Web3 game developers can apply for the grant program starting today at Game7 Grants Portal.

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Game7 founded in November 2021, as part of accelerator 500 million USD backed by . The project has attracted the attention of many big names like , Mirana Ventures, Warner Music Group, Aleo, , Interchain Foundation, Off-chain Labs, OP Games, Studios, Ventures and .

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