Lending company Voyager Digital says it has received several offers to buy it back at a higher price and better conditions than what was offered. have done before.

Voyager receives a "more attractive" buyback offer than FTX, will return $270 million to customers
Voyager receives a "more attractive" buyback offer , will return $270 million to customers

In its presentation on August 4, Voyager stated that it had received word from 88 interested parties looking to bail out the company from its financial woes, in addition to positive discussions. with more than 20 potential interested parties.

 Voyager Digital's latest presentation
Voyager Digital's latest presentation

This seems to have opened a “new gate” for Voyager, which is locked in a rather complicated relationship with the FTX exchange and the fund. .

In July 2022, FTX proposed to buy all of Voyager's assets and outstanding debts except for Three Arrows Capital's insolvent loan of up to 1 billion when the fund was deemed to be "defaulting on debt". ” over $662 million, after which FTX will liquidate assets and distribute funds in USD through the FTX.US exchange.

However, Voyager rejected this offer on the grounds that FTX did not maximize value for the company's customers. In addition, Voyager announced that it had also sent Alameda and FTX separately a cease and desist letter regarding inaccurate public statements, confirming that organizations led by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried are currently unavailable. “opportunity” to participate in an acquisition compared to many other investors.

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However, the news comes at the same time that U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles has allowed Voyager to return $270 million in customer funds held at Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB).

Voyager had money kept in a bank account when the company filed for bankruptcy on July 5. Those funds were frozen when bankruptcy proceedings began. Voyager's debt amounts to nearly $10 billion from about 100,000 creditors.

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