In a recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin stated that XRP, copper sixth largest, lost the right to protection after try to push sacrificed under the accusation of being "controlled by China".

At the same time, co-founder says he's happy that people are fighting the new regulations and types other legal. According to Buterin, the community Ethereum are expressing their displeasure, though , in its privileged position, is not affected by the new rules.

His tweet came in response to the move by Newton and Bitbuy, two crypto exchanges based in Ontario, Canada, to enforce a C$30,000 (US$23,100) “buy limit”. yearly for all available cryptocurrencies except , Ethereum and a few is different.

“I won't have an opinion if they limit ,” quipped Bankless co-founder David Hoffman.

Back in December 2020, Buterin criticized for 'putting rocks in the well' when trying to label and Ethereum is “controlled by China” simply because the country accounts for the majority of the global hashrate.

" Bitcoin and Ethereum are very vulnerable to Chinese control as they both follow simple majority rule, while XRPL prevents centralization,” Ripple wrote in a clear statement to the public. .

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In April 2020, Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen wrote an op-ed in which he stated that Bitcoin can be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party. It is worth mentioning that the US is currently the largest Bitcoin mining center.

Buterin's most recent anti-XRP comment drew a lot of criticism from the token's community.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz has accused the Ethereum community of trying to get the government to punish projects that disagree with its plot. Architect believes that the comparison between miners in the Proof-of-work system and company shareholders is “completely reasonable”.

John Deaton, managing partner of Deaton Law Firm, also responded to Buterin that “innocent” XRP holders have nothing to do with Ripple.

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