Brave Browser challenges providers like by recommending a wallet native built into the browser.

Brave integrates native Ethereum wallet into the browser

In a press release on Tuesday, the group announced Wallet will allow over 42 million users to exchange assets and access decentralized applications (dApps) hosted on solutions Layer 2 and the other EVM compatible like Polygon and xDai.

While most Web3 wallets are offered through extensions, e.g can be used directly in the browser and bypasses the download of extensions.

Brave's built-in wallet will compete with popular Web3 wallets, including , and Wallet Connect.

Brave says such a wallet would be useful in overcoming security and performance issues often associated with browser extensions. It claims that Web3 wallets used primarily as browser extensions can be vulnerable to theft and other attacks.

In the past, users have reported getting money stolen by hackers through fake web extensions. By emulating popular wallets like MetaMask, hackers can trick users into entering their private keys.

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Explaining the native browser wallet features, Brian Bondy, CTO and co-founder of Brave, said:

“Brave Wallet does not require extensions and is instead browser-native, eliminating key security and performance concerns while preserving the core features of the wallet. popular".

With the latest offer, Brave users will be able to import their existing wallets from MetaMask or hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger. The latest update also allows users to swap tokens based on and provides historical market data through the CoinGecko API. In addition, it has an authentic journey through its partnership with Wyre.

Currently, the native Web3 wallet is only available on desktop browsers and will be launched on mobile devices later. Brave Wallet is different from Brave Rewards, the opt-in feature rewards Brave token users to view privacy-protecting advertisements. Currently, the price can't avoid the flood that is dominating the entire market and is dropping 2.4% at the time of writing.

Source: TradingView

Just last week, Brave revealed plans to integrate with , one other high performance. However, this has not been implemented yet because of native support for wallets and is scheduled for 2022.