notification that the registration for the project () is now open. The token sale for Option 1 will start at 00:00 on December 2 (Vietnam time) and Option 2 at 06:00 on December 2.

“Umee Project Website Interface” | Source: Umee

What is Umee (UMEE)?

Umee is a hub DeFi cross chain connection between the . As a protocol base layer, a vast ecosystem of application layer protocols can be built on top of Umee. Umee facilitates instant interoperability using a consensus protocol with the ecosystem , network , side-chain architecture, layer 2 scaling solutions, and alternative base layer protocols.

Main highlights of Umee project

center base layer: Umee blockchain is built on SDKs and Virtual Machines (EVM) to connect between DeFi and specific use cases for lending. Umee provides a flexible combination of speed and efficiency for blockchain transactions using the ultimate fast consensus protocol based on .

Global Debt Market: Initial products built on top of Umee will be cross-chain borrowing and lending as well as platforms to bring the global debt market into DeFi. By creating tools that allow new leverage and interest components, Umee is bringing new markets and ecosystems into crypto and becoming the leveraged base for the blockchain world.

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Cross-chain interoperability: Umee's vision is to lead the development of the multi-chain world and serve as the foundation for the overall blockchain ecosystem. Umee uses IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) which is the leading Cosmos protocol for cross-chain communication.

Umee Project Tokenomics

UMEE is the original Proof of Stake token of Umee Blockchain. Blockchain participants use tokens to pay computation fees and reward validators (Validators) for providing Tendermint BFT consensus for the processing of network transactions. This token is also a governance token to make decisions about Umee's protocol configuration, application parameters DeFi, as well as product and program recommendations.

UMEE will exist as a token based on the Cosmos SDK as well as -20 root.

Token Allocation of $UMEE

“Umee Project Allocation Token” | Source: Umee


Brent – Brent is the founder of Umee. Prior to Umee, he was the strategy lead at Tendermint with the task of setting the strategic roadmap and partnerships for Cosmos Network. Before Cosmos, Brent was one of the first 30 employees at ConsenSys and a bond trader on Wall Street.

Alex – Aleks (also known as Bez) is the lead engineer of the Umee blockchain network. Before Umee, he was the main engineer of Cosmos SDK. Aleks has been an ecosystem contributor to Cosmos since its inception and a major contributor to the Tendermint Core consensus protocol. Aleks specializes in peer-to-peer networks, base layer protocols, distributed systems, proof-of-stake, and autonomous blockchain networks.

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Zac – Zac was one of ConsenSys' early engineers, a colleague of Brent during that time. Zac has researched and contributed to several core scalability protocols Ethereum such as TrueBit, State Channels and Plasma. He also developed bridging protocols such as X-relay, the forerunner of POA networks such as xDAI.


“Umee Project Backer List” | Source: Umee

Token Sale

There are two options with different terms:

  • Option 1 starts at 00:00 on December 2nd
  • Option 2 starts at 06:00 on December 2
Option 1Option 2
Date of sale00:00 December 206:00 on December 2nd
Sell number3% (300 million tokens)2% (200 million tokens)
LevelMin: $100
Max: $500
Min: $100
Max: $500
Means of payment, , , , , ,
Lock and releaseLock for 2 more months and release linearly for 10 months, starting February 15, 2022Lock for 2 more months and release linearly for 8 months, starting February 15, 2022
ExceptResidents of the US, Canada, and China are not allowed to participateResidents of the US, Canada, and China are not allowed to participate
“Details of Umee Project Token Sale” | Source: Umee

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