The following article will review 10 games the best (working and coming soon) in 2022!

1. Thetan Arena


Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

Ecosystem: Chain (formerly SmartChain).

Released: November 2021.

Tokens: THC (utility), THG (administration).

Start cost: Free.

For those who enjoy the skill-based challenges offered in MOBA games like Wild Rift or Brawl Stars.

As is typical of MOBA games, Thetan Arena offers a wide variety of heroes to choose from, from assassins to tanks to marksmanship that can suit your playstyle. To start, players will be given a free marksman hero called Raidon, which you can use to climb the ranks and earn rewards. These rewards can be cashed or reinvested in paid heroes or loot boxes to increase your earning potential.

Typical of MOBA games, Thetan Arena offers a wide variety of heroes to choose from, from assassins to tanks to marksmanship that can suit your playstyle. First, players will be given a free marksman hero called Raidon, which you can use to climb the ranks and earn rewards. These rewards can be cashed or reinvested in paid heroes or loot boxes to increase your earning potential.

Like its mobile non-P2E rival, Brawl Stars, Thetan Arena also features a variety of game modes, with each offering unique win conditions requiring different strategies. MOBA is a tried and tested formula that has a large following (usually reputation). If you like a fast-paced, action-based skill-based challenge compared to the usual light-hearted P2E games, give Thetan Arena a try.

2. Ember Sword

game 1

Genre: MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Ecosystem: Immutable X.

Launch: 2022 (pre-alpha).

Token: Ember.

Start cost: Free.

For those who like 3D RPGs, buffet adventures similar to Runescape or Ragnarok.

Ember Sword is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG that takes place in the digital world of the same name featuring the four nations of Solarwood, Duskeron, Edison, and Sevrend. The gameplay of this game is reminiscent of the Runescape game that stormed the internet in the 90s. Gamers can freely roam around the world hunting monsters, bosses and opponents to level up. For players who prefer to trade like a craftsman or master merchant, you can choose to explore the world in search of rare goods and items to craft. unique, tradable.

Games with tokens -20 is called Ember, can be used to buy land, collectibles, goij registration, etc. Even so, the team emphasizes that there is no pay-to-win element in Ember Sword and that any such purchase will not give the buyer an advantage.

What makes Ember Sword unique is also its approach to world building. Unlike other similar MMORPGs like Maple Story, Runescape, Ragnarok,… the land of Ember Sword (which is NFT) is owned by thousands of gamers, allowing them to take an active role in the design of the world. Ember Sword is currently in pre-alpha stage and will be released for community testing in 2022.


game 2

Category: Move-to-Earn (move to earn money).

Ecosystem: Solana.

Release: December 2021 (Beta).

Token: GST (utility), GMT (administration).

Starting cost: 1 pair of sneakers (~10.5 ).

For exercise lovers who are looking to make money from cardio exercises (burn fat and increase heart rate).

STEPN is the first fitness, move-to-earn game in which users can earn income, not from playing the game, from winning, but from moving. Owners of STEPN sneakers gain access. They can buy shoes from Magic Eden (STEPN's in-game shop). There are different types of sneakers and quality, players will have to make a careful decision to choose a pair that maximizes their earnings. In general, the higher the attribute and rarity, the better the sneakers.

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game 3

Several types of sneakers, their optimal speed and basic profit at their optimal speed | Source: Magic Eden

Each user will also have limited access to revenue-generating gameplay (practice minutes) and the only way to increase this is to have more sneakers, with a maximum limit of 100 consecutive minutes of play. customary. On average, having 3 pairs of sneakers (not upgraded) will yield a profit of ~17 GST, including daily repair costs. At current prices, this equates to about $55 a day. Such an income of only 45 minutes of travel is not too bad, especially if this is already a regular part of your daily routine for fitness. For sedentary readers, perhaps this is even a good enough motivating factor for you to adopt a more active lifestyle.

4. Crabada

Category: Idle Games.

Ecosystem: .

Released: November 2021.

Token: TUS (utility), CRA (administration).

Starting cost: 3 crabs (~48,000 TUS).

Suitable for those who don't mind spending too much time playing or enjoy idle games like Idle Heroes.

Gaming can be a laborious process, especially when the stakes are as high as the current version of . With this game, gamers need to win to earn money. That's not to mention the time to participate in all the battles, requiring the mind and managing the activities of the Axes. If you are thinking "that process takes too much effort", should you look for another game that is more suitable?

Crabada is by far the most popular P2E game on . Gamers need a minimum of 3 crabs to start the mining expedition, which takes about 4 hours to complete if not vandalized by bandits. Completing a successful mining expedition without being robbed will give the player 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS, less if the opposing team successfully looted. So what makes Crabada different? It's like Axie Infinity 2.0 at the moment.

What makes Crabada different is that it is an idle game. This means that looting and mining is automatic – you won't have to be there to make every move for your crabs, they can run the program on their own. Gamers and CRA holders can also stake their CRA on the platform for additional rewards.

According to Covalent, the top 11 earners on Crabada have earned a total of >5 million dollars in the past 3 months. But the downside to this game is that crabs currently cost a minimum of ~$1,300, which means players will need to shell out $3,900 to get started. Historically, Crabada was an extremely profitable “game”, but its high barrier to entry made it difficult for the average player to get in.

5. Illuvium

Genre: RPG + Auto-battler

Ecosystem: Immutable X

Release: Q1 2022 (Beta)

Token: ILV

Starting Cost: Unknown.

For those curious to know what Pokemon Arceus and Teamfight Tactics will be like together.

Advertised as a game based on The first AAA to help boost the crypto space, is one of the most anticipated P2E titles in 2022. The game takes gamers on an adventure in a fantastic open world. There, they must discover and capture the creatures that roam the world known as Illuvials. Illuvials and all other in-game items will be stored on-chain as NFTs in the player's wallet and can therefore be sold for profit or freely traded. also introduced an auto-battler system similar to DOTA Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. You can think of Illuvium as a Pokemon, but instead of the iconic turn-based combat system, it's a 3D auto-battler battle that takes place in a self-contained arena.

Just like Pokemon, Illuvials have many different types and attributes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that gamers can strategize in the Arena. In addition to the main game, there's also Illuvium: Zero, a construction game that adds a land component to Illuvium, allowing the player to farm resources on his land to build his own industrial complex.

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6. Aurora

Category: Pokemon.

Ecosystem: .

Launch: Q1 2022 (Beta).

Token: AURY.

Start cost: Free.

For JPRG fans intrigued by the idea of a P2E Pokemon game.

This is a story of two worlds. On the one hand, we have Antik, where power is concentrated in the hands of a few (TradFi) and on the other hand, we have Tokane, which is a characterized parallel universe. mystery discovered (). The main character of this heroic story is called Sam.

It's interesting how the story of Aurory highlights the split between centralization and decentralization. These are the things that space want to strengthen. Leverage aesthetic-inspired Pokemon and Studio Ghibli elements, and you'll have an enchanting package.

Aurory's core gameplay is similar to classic Pokemon games - a sprawling world centered around catching Nefties monsters and using them to engage in turn-based battles. The difference is that Aurory is P2E, with each Nefty being an NFT that can be traded or sold for profit. Gamers can participate in both PVE and PVP battles to earn rewards.

From the gameplay presented in the trailer, Aurory is a beautiful game that brings out the typical Ghibli peace. For Pokemon fans interested in exploring an equivalent game for money, Aurory could be the perfect entry point into Tokane's world.

7. Pegasy

Category: Horse racing.

Ecosystem: .

Release: Q4/2021 (Beta).

Token: VIS (utility), PGX (administration).

Starting cost: 1 Pega (~200 )

For those who like to race horses without having to do messy things like feeding, caring, brushing, etc.

Do you like the idea of owning legendary horses similar to the Seabiscuit or even the mythical Pegasus? If yes, Pegaxy will be the ideal game for you without any of the usual hassles associated with raising horses such as feeding, caring, grooming, loving, etc. For only ~200 , you can own a mighty winged horse named Pega. Gamers can use it to compete in races for the top 3 places. Pegas come in many different shapes, forms, and stats, but the general rule of thumb is that higher stats are better.

Pegaxy also has an innovative trustless rental system to facilitate the transactional relationship between scholar and owner. In the game, players will be able to breed, rent, sell and race Pegas. Each race will take an average of 2 minutes to complete and the top 3 winners will receive VIS rewards. The outcome of each race is decided based on how well Pega fits the Track. For example, a Pega with a high Fire stat is more likely to work well on fire. So far, the game maintains a consistent steady growth in player base to date and looks ready to continue with more upgrades planned in the future.

8. Genopets


Genre: Move-to-earn.

Ecosystem: .

Launch: January 2022 (Private Beta).

Tokens: .

Start cost: Free.

For fitness enthusiasts + Pokemon fans who want to monetize their workouts and play Pokemon at the same time.

The formula of this game is like STEPN: move to earn money. But what sets Genopets apart is that it introduces a Pokemon-style gamified evolution system. The rewards you earn in-game through physical movements can be used to upgrade and evolve the player's NFT Genopet. Accordingly, these properties are even more effective in battles with other Genopet.

In addition to the body, Genopets also emphasizes training "mind and spirit". For example, hatching Genopet eggs in the demo requires "perceived effort" in the process, and the Genopet obtained is the best spiritual gift. They also recently introduced a series of cryptographic puzzles that users have to complete in order to get the right to mint pears – the material needed to create a Genopet Habitat (i.e. lands). The game has only just completed the Water Crystals round, but there are still many more rounds to come.

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The core gameplay of both Genopets and STEPN appears to be the same, with only slight differences in design to appeal to different subgroups of the fitness-loving community. Note that you can run both in the background at the same time during a workout.

9. Defi Kingdoms




Released: August 2021

Token: JEWEL

Start cost: Free

For lovers Or just want to give it a try.

You can think of Defi Kingdoms as an ecosystem of DeFi protocols cloaked in the guise of an adventure game. . As with other DeFi protocols, the starting cost is essentially how much you are willing to invest and so can vary widely between individuals.

But the real game starts when you get yourself a Hero from Agent Selina (ie the secondary market for NFT Hero). These are characters who can work in multiple professions (i.e. miner, gardener, gatherer, fisher) for rewards, embark on Adventure and Career quests, and finally, Fight each other or other enemies in future updates. For example, mining will earn your Hero Mining experience points, which will increase your loot as well as your stamina. There are also many other NPCs that you can meet in the game, such as Merchant Matoya (swap -JEWEL), Vendor Zaya (NFT item shop), Banker Ian (stakingJEWEL), Druid Lisa (Hero casting) and more.

If you haven't used any DeFi protocols yet due to a tough learning curve, Defi Kingdoms could be the perfect entry point for you. Even for DeFi veterans, DeFi Kingdoms is a beautiful game that offers the unique feature of a dull mercenary.

10. Bomb Crypto


Genre: Idle Bomberman

Ecosystem: Smart Chain

Released: September 2021

Token: BCOIN

Starting Cost: 10 BCOIN

For those who like to watch Bomberman and earn money.

There is no secret about the inspiration behind this game. In Bomb , the player assembles and manages a team of Bomber Heroes. Like the classic Bomberman, these heroes can be placed in a closed arena where they will start placing random bombs to mine BCOIN. Heroes have a set of attributes (strength, speed, stamina, bomb count, bomb range) that will determine how effective they are at unearthing treasure. For example, higher speed means that the hero will be able to run around the arena faster. The general rule is that the rarer the hero, the better the stats.

Running around the arena depletes the hero's stamina, and when it reaches 0, you must give your hero a break to regenerate their stamina – a process that can be sped up by Build a house for your hero to rest.

Bomb It quickly became popular thanks to its simplicity, low entry costs and not to mention the nostalgia of the 90s in Bomberman-inspired design.

And those are the top 10 NFT games in 2022.

Gone are the days when Axie Infinity was exclusively play-to-earn. Nowadays, games very diverse and innovative, there are even high budget AAA titles like Illuvium and Aurory in production. Whether you are a local or not, these are games that you should definitely keep an eye on and give it a try!

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