Faustin-Archange Touadéra – President of the Central African Republic (CAR) – urged people to understand the “disruptive power to bring about lasting prosperity” .

In his view, can act as a life vest in the current economic turmoil.

In April of this year, the Central African Republic caused a stir when it became second country after El Salvador gave Fort legal currency.

The authorities hope that this can promote financial recovery and bring other benefits.

President Faustin-Archange Touadéra stated: “Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Bitcoin is popular money.”

In a recent tweet, he increased his support, advising individuals to acknowledge value of digital assets.

Those who believe in can create lasting wealth In times of inflation, military conflicts and economic crises are reigning across the globe:

Earlier this month, Touadéra announced Bitcoin is a possible currency improve the world due to its decentralized, non-political nature, and governments cannot censor it.

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Last year, SkyBridge Capital Founder and former US government official – Anthony Scaramucci – asserted that more and more people will inevitably get involved in Bitcoin.

He gave the example of Dalio, a person who once protested but after understanding the problem, he became a HODLer.

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