Trend  and Gaming in the market  emerge as a phenomenon then  Expected as the next trend .

After Mark Zuckerberg's statement about directing Facebook from a " company" becomes " company", along with the company Epic Games (the company behind the Fortnite game) raising capital $1B with the ambition of making this game a Currently, Metaverse has become a very hot keyword and is interested by many people.

Misconception about Metaverse

Before learning what Metaverse is, it is helpful to learn about misconceptions about it. You often hear people say that Metaverse is a form of virtual reality (VR). But that's not true because Metaverse isn't really limited to the digital realm in which the VR world operates. In fact, it goes beyond that.

On the other hand, some liken Metaverse to the entertainment district devoted to the digital space. Such a statement may be true to a certain extent, but not entirely because it can certainly provide more of an experience than that.

Some even associate the concept of Metaverse with games like Fortnite. And this is the point that most people get right because the idea of Metaverse is in some ways quite similar to the idea of entering a new game world, like Fortnite. The many features of this Metaverse such as having a consistent identity across various closed platforms give users the ability to get paid and being the gateway to the multitude of features already offered by the game. However, because this is a "closed" world, it cannot cover an overview of the Metaverse. So while Fortnite is definitely a Metaverse conceptually, it is still limited and operates within the boundaries set by its founders.

And this is where the real definition of the Metaverse comes from.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse simply a large digital space where users can interact with each other in real time and get experiences similar to those in the real world or even more so in most environments. case. This definition of the Metaverse underscores an important point: it is an extension of the digital realm and is supposed to continue the field in the “real world”. The reason for putting the real world in quotes is that it can be difficult to distinguish between a Metaverse and a non-Metaverse conceptually. To do that, it is necessary to consider its core characteristics.

Metaverse is infinite: Metaverse is an extension of what we define as real. Because it is not limited by the physical dimensions of the world in which we operate, it can be said to extend to infinity. There is no end to the Metaverse.

Metaverse is synchronous: An important point to mention here is that it provides synchronous, borderless communication between users from all over the world. Thus, giving billions of users real-time interactivity.

The Metaverse is a thriving economy: This point complements the first core feature outlined above. Since it is an extension to the real world, users can choose to provide and receive real-world-like experiences. For example, artists can organize art performances, philosophers organize discussions, colleagues organize meetings, etc. Accordingly, it is necessary to implement a simple token mechanism to exchange value.

Metaverse can interact: This feature is still controversial. If we say that the Metaverse is simply an extension of the reality we live in, how can its interoperability be determined? And if interoperability is required, does it mean that many different Metaverses exist in the same system?

Exactly. Interoperability in Metaverse means easy transition from one concept of Metaverse to another implemented by a separate entity.

An important point to note here is that several different entities may set up their own Metaverse. Eg, could create a social space for users, or Microsoft could create a dedicated working Metaverse. The general idea remains the same, while the implementation is different.

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Here are some of the most popular Metaverses that exist today.



Decentraland is one of the most famous Metaverse that exists on the market today. The amount of money spent in this Decentraland Metaverse has grown steadily since its launch in 2016. Despite its nascent age, the platform has its own user community and even some of the larger brands that have started marketing/ advertise their products on the platform.

Overall, Decentraland is a virtual world and community based on . What really makes it special is that it's completely decentralized. That is, holders of cryptocurrency can participate in voting events on the platform. Decentraland also use to represent representation/ownership of in-game items such as clothing, virtual real estate, etc. These tokens are stored in the user's wallet.

How does Decentraland work?

This metaverse uses a dual token economy model with two main tokens, LAND and . . is the native token of the platform and provides holders with voting rights to participate in Decentraland.

MANA: To vote on important administrative decisions, users lock wMANA (wrapped MANA) in . Each wMANA represents a single vote on governance proposals. You can easily acquire this token on the Decentraland marketplace by selling collectible digital items.

LAND: This is the NFT that represents virtual real estate ownership on the platform. This token also provides voting rights to holders.

Just like most of the Metaverse, Decentraland users can create and/or sell virtual land use rights that they buy/rent. Buying land on Decentraland's marketplace is pretty straightforward. Additionally, when navigating through Metaverse, users need a digital wallet (like ) to participate.

What is special about Decentraland?

Decentraland is the first decentralized Metaverse that gives users the option of interacting with others in real time and virtual experiences and being able to trade them. The platform has no centralized entity so users are in full control of how they want to participate, the experience they want to create, and maintain their existing virtual land.

This entire Metaverse is based on , thus replacing the centralized entity with hundreds of different smart contracts, giving users a multitude of options for what they can do in the Metaverse.

Decentraland consists of 3 main layers.

The first layer is responsible for recording ownership through smart contracts.

The second layer stores the LAND content and all the data has been uploaded to the virtual packages on Metaverse.

The third layer is a peer-to-peer network that allows interaction with other users in real time.

The underlying programming language that this Metaverse uses helps create animated scenes and 3D models.

MANA can be traded in the cryptocurrency market. Tokens have a limited supply and whenever a user buys LAND with MANA, some percentage of MANA will be burned. This helps to create healthy price dynamics in the market.


Bloktopia The story is amazing and quite interesting. It is a “VR skyscraper” built on Network, including 21 floors to honor 21 million .

Bloktopia claims to provide a shared space for crypto users of all experience levels. They all have access to crypto information and rich content in one place. The revenue generated in the platform is shared via NFT.

The platform uses “the world's most advanced real-time 3D rendering engine”, providing a rich and stunning visual experience for users.

Bloktopia includes available real estate and is traded with tokens .

How does Bloktopia work?

Bloktopia has 21 floors that you must pass to reach the “top”. These layers are explained as follows:

– Appearance: As soon as you enter this Metaverse, you are “born” outside the Bloktopia skyscraper.

– Floor 1: This is where all Bloktopia participants can access and is said to have the largest number of people passing through. This floor includes price charts, help desk, navigation area… You will also have the opportunity to register for various events here. In addition, some spaces are commercialized to platforms such as , CoinMarketCap and Coinecko promote their products.

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– Penthouse and gaming floors: This is the ultimate destination for all Bloktopia adventurers, located on the 21st floor of the skyscraper. There is a luxury apartment dedicated to gaming and a competitive space to earn by playing various games.

– Auditorium: The auditorium is the venue for most of the important events in the crypto world. When you register for the event on the 1st floor, you will be redirected to this floor to attend and receive the BLOK reward. The auditorium is considered a premium position in this Metaverse.

What's so special about Bloktopia?

Stunning visual experience! In addition, this Metaverse also encourages learning and earning at the same time. Here are some core features of Bloktopia that make it stand out.

Learn: Bloktopia provides a platform for users to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency.

– Earn: Just like Decentraland, you can own land to earn automatic income. For example, rent to others.

– Creativity: You can use the building tools provided by the platform to create different works of art and experiences for other users. Experienced developers can also use the SDK to create games in this Metaverse universe.

Just like every other Metaverse, users enjoy an immersive social experience by participating in a variety of activities. Great visual immersive experiences make users even more excited.

The Sandbox

The  is another gaming ecosystem and Metaverse offers incredible experiences. It allows users to freely create a variety of assets, such as avatars and tools.

How does The Sandbox work?

This metaverse is made up of 3 main products:

– VoxEdit: Allows creating 3D objects in The like avatars and animals. The only limit here is your creativity! All these objects are called assets and use the token standard -1155. Thus, the product offers both a non-fungible and a fungible token mechanism.

– Sandbox Marketplace: This is where assets can be traded with other users. However, to do that, it is necessary to upload them to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

– Sandbox Game Maker: Provides option to create 3D games for free.

All transactions in this Metaverse are done in tokens origin. is token -20 is used to play games, buy gear, or even customize avatars. When The Sandbox converts to a DAO, it will be used as a governance token.

SAND is also used to buy properties and LAND (virtual real estate). LAND is an ERC-721 token, which means NFT. There are only 166,464 parcels of land in this Metaverse. If you decide to combine multiple LANDs into one property, it is called an estate.

An important feature of The Sandbox is the platform that incurs gas fees , so users don't have to pay exorbitant fees. This creates a more seamless and immersive experience for the user.

What's special about The Sandbox?

This metaverse also offers the option to create custom avatars that are tradable on their native market. Because they are NFTs, they are viewed as scarce digital commodities that can be used in the market. In addition, you can also rent out land to generate passive income.

Star Atlas

is a unique multiplayer video game based on with a particularly attractive role-playing universe theme. The game is set in the year 2620 and builds on . The plot revolves around the colonization of the universe. Your mission is to find the hidden treasure. Gamers will earn in-game currency through ATLAS, POLIS and use those tokens to buy assets in the ecosystem.

How does Star Atlas work?

This metaverse uses a dual token economy model. Consists of:

– ATLAS: The usual cryptocurrency in the game. Players typically earn ATLAS by engaging in activities such as mining ore, creating assets, and trading in the marketplace. All assets in this Metaverse are NFT, which means that every item in the game is owned by at least one player.

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– POLIS: A cryptocurrency used to participate in game administration. As a result, token holders can assemble into huge groups, communities, and even corporations that influence core game decisions. The purpose is to give players a chance to “vote” for the creators.

An important point that the ecosystem team often emphasizes is the portability of in-game assets. While assets you create or purchase on traditional gaming platforms are only usable within that ecosystem, assets you build in easily traded with other gamers. This contributes to a core feature of Metaverse that is interoperability.

What is special about Star Atlas?

Star Atlas gives players the chance to do whatever they want and have fun doing it. It is for this reason that they have created a governance system in which players have as much control over the future of Metaverse as the creators themselves.

Imagine you could build an entire nation in the Metaverse! Because you have control over how the community's economy works, it is possible to create micro-states and form a number of sub-DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Since everything is tokenized, every gamer has the right to own the assets they own. This creates an individualized experience that makes every player feel special.

This Metaverse also features a unique deflation mechanism through which players can pursue much riskier activities such as exploring deeper areas of the Metaverse in an attempt to achieve higher rewards. Risk-takers can either succeed or perish. If they die, other users collect the NFTs lost in battle.

Radio Caca

 known as the means"" give Metaverse. It is also the building platform for the Metamon P2E game that is now quite popular. Although it is not a Metaverse in itself, it helped create Metaverse, a non-token based community. is built in Smart Chain (BSC) and launch in October 2021.

USM Metaverse

USM Metaverse is a unique Metaverse in which each player is considered a “builder”. As such, you have the option of building your own social network, setting up a custom economic system, and creating an entirely new virtual civilization.

NFT is used to denote ownership of digital items. One of the core standout features of this Metaverse is the “Kiss-Up Dog” NFT, which can be purchased on their website.


is one of the most recent (and most talked about) Metaverse in the world today. A platform like Facebook's decision to dive into this digital realm is testament to Mark Zuckerberg's focus on creating revolutionary spaces where people can connect with each other.

Unlike Facebook, Meta will provide a virtual experience to the users and they will all share the experience together. While the effort is commendable, critics have emphasized the fact that this version of the Metaverse will feel more like a separate world than a continuation of the existing one. Because to access it, users will have to wear external devices (manufactured by the company).

How Meta works, how it looks, and how much of an experience it will offer to users has yet to be announced.


A space that is not under anyone's control may seem utopian, but blockchain can make it happen. Again, emphasizing the Metaverse concept that it is not an isolated space controlled by various powerful entities. In an ideal world, all implementations of these Metaverses would be interconnected, giving users a seamless experience. But "how" still no one can answer.

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