What is Seascape Network?

Seascape is a hybrid platform between and the economy . By bringing the core concepts of integrated into games, making it more accessible and easier for users to absorb.

Seascape focuses on developing quality products and incentives to provide players and developers, thereby shaping and pioneering Seascape for the future. go into DeFi.

Seascape Network includes 2 tokens:

  • Crowns (): Token reward of the project.
  • Seascape (SCAPES): Tokens .
Project website interface: https://www.seascape.network/about

Highlights of Seascape Network

Seascape is an outstanding protocol with the following features:

  • Token economy: Crowns () is the backbone of the Seascape Network, designed to reward stakeholders and add value to all the coins created on the Seascape network. 
  • NFT Standard: Seascape is gradually being applied NFT from collections to become products with economic value, used to mint, stake, burn, trade, buy and sell, and profit from NFT. 
  • DeFi Gamified: Realizing the aspects of DeFi and the concepts of financial economy so that the game becomes a core piece of gameplay, activities that increase the applicability include: in-game staking, burning, trading and many other types of activities. 
  • New Games You Love: Support game projects through the investment of a capital. shape the future of DeFi Gaming by rewarding users for participating in financial games.
  • Full Ecosystem: Provide toolkits and support for developers, as well as loosen barriers to reaching a large number of DeFi game users. 
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Detailed information about CWS Token

Key Metrics CWS

  • Token Name: Seascape Crowns
  • Ticker: CWS
  • :
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Contract: 0xac0104cca91d167873b8601d2e71eb3d4d8c33e0
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 2,264,114

CWS Token Allocation

  • In-game Mining & Platform Staking: 50%
  • Foundation Reserve: 15%
  • Team: 10%
  • Token Sale: 10%
  • & Liquidity: 5%
  • Liquidity Incentives: 5%
  • Community Reserve: 5%
CWS Token Allocation

CWS Token Sale


CWS Token Release Schedule

CWS Token Payment Schedule

CWS Token Use Case

CWS Token will be used to:

  • Project management.
  • Make rewards for users.
  • Is the token as the main means of transaction in games and services on the Scape Store.
  • Join staking on Seascape DeFi.

How to earn and own CWS Token

You can earn CWS Token by the following ways:

  • Participate in CWS Token trading on some exchanges and .
  • Join the trading contest above OpenOcean to receive rewards. Participation period: March 3, 2021 - March 17, 2021.  

CWS Token Exchange

CWS Token Exchange

Users can trade CWS Token on the exchange , MEXC Global, Gate.io, BKEX, PancakeSwap v2.

Roadmaps & Updates

The project's roadmap is updating.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The project is developed by a number of game developers and experts in the field .

Details: anonymous.

Investors & Partners

Seascape Network currently has a partnership with Polinate, prePO, …

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This article has summarized the most basic information you need to know about Seascape Network and tokens CWS. With this post. T-REX I hope readers can grasp some of its investment potential.

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