What is Redacted Cartel?

Redacted Cartel is a bonding-based protocol for minting coins provided from the project's treasury with a relatively high APY ( around 180,000%), or in other words.

The Redacted Cartel is considered a aggregator of aggregator, optimizes capital efficiency to the highest extent and helps users achieve certain benefits of the protocol.

Users can bond other tokens to receive rewards as tokens. These bonded tokens will then be used in the Redacted treasury, converting to profits and allowing APY to stay high as they share the spoils with all stakers. (xBTRFLY) of them.

Project website interface: https://www.redactedcartel.xyz/

Highlights of the Redacted Cartel

Looking at the nature and origin of the protocol, the Redacted Cartel is considered a product born from War, is the solution located in the 4th Layer with the previous solutions as follows:

  • : Context of the protocol Curve.
  • Layer 2: Build on the foundation of , extending the influence of , is a yield aggregator, a representative product of .
  • Layer 3: Protocol Convex, optimize the efficiency of user capital.
  • Layer 4: Redacted Cartel Protocol - a yield aggregator solution based on yield aggregator.
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And the role of the Redacted Cartel here will develop on the foundation of the previous Curve ecosystem with the layers that Curve has available. Besides, Redacted is oriented to expand the network in the form of , is a fork of OHM with the governance token BTRFLY token.

In addition, Redacted will allocate governance in proportion to the user's token supply based on a measure of supply and demand, and users can use that governance to vote on important decisions for the community.

Detailed information about BTRFLY Token

Key Metrics BTRFLY

  • Token Name: Redacted Cartel
  • Ticker: BTRFLY
  • :
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Contract: 0xc0d4ceb216b3ba9c3701b291766fdcba977cec3a
  • Token type: Governance
  • Total Supply: 340,745 BTRFLY
  • Circulating Supply: 336,537 BTRFLY

BTRFLY Token Allocation


BTRFLY Token Sale


BTRFLY Token Release Schedule


BTRFLY Token Use Case

BTRFLY Token will be used to:

  • Is a project management token.
  • Is a token backed by bond assets, to provide the most optimal profit for users through community campaigns.
  • Each BTRFLY Token will be backed by 1/30,000 gOHM (approximately $1).
  • BTRFLY Token brings governance benefits to holders while ensuring liquidity of assets.

How to earn and own BTRFLY Token

You can earn BTRFLY Token by the following ways:

  • Trade BTRFLY Token on v3, XT.COM, Poloniex, .
  • Trade through Bonds on Redacted, to mint BTRFLY Token.
  • Staking tokens to aggregate profits through token rebase.
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Exchange BTRFLY Token

Exchange BTRFLY Token

Users can trade BTRFLY Token on v3, XT.COM, Poloniex, .

Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors & partners

Project team


Investors & Partners


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This article has summarized the most basic information you need to know about Redacted Cartel & tokens BTRFLY. With this post.  I hope readers can grasp some of its investment potential.

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