What is Paintswap?

Paintswap is a decentralized finance application with full features from , farming until marketplace is built on ecosystem .

paintswap website
Paintswap Website: https://paintswap.finance/

Highlights of Paintswap

The highlight of Paintswap is Top marketplace on the system , where the user can:

  • Buy, offer or bid on thousands of NFT on the market (not just the NFTs obtained through PaintSwap).
  • Create your own NFT by uploading data. Then through the Studio can sell that NFT.
  • Browse through dozens of beautiful, competitively priced collections from different creators.

Paintswap's NFT marketplace offers the following features:

  • You create NFT from your own data (JPEG images, GIFs, videos, even 3D formats, etc. are supported).
  • Copyright support -2981 NFT on chain. Earn royalties from every sale of minted NFTs on PaintSwap.
  • Fantom's first secondary market supports both -721 and -1155 NFT. Mint or sell multiple identical ERC-1155 NFTs without repeating individual sell entries.
  • An API for other platforms to access and use to retrieve NFT ownership data.
paintswap's nft marketplace
NFT marketplace on Paintswap

At first, the main currency transfer used in the platform was , has now been changed to for the convenience of users on the Fantom ecosystem:

  • However, mint and listing fees will still be paid in (users have the ability to pay with , will be automatically redeemed for through by Paintswap).
  • 50% sale fee (currently 2.5%) will be used to buy and burn BRUSH → to still maintain a great momentum for BRUSH token holders and liquidity providers.
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Detailed information about BRUSH Token

Key Metrics BRUSH

  • Token name: Paintswap
  • Ticker: BRUSH
  • : Fantom
  • Contract: 0x85dec8c4B2680793661bCA91a8F129607571863d
  • Token Type: Utility and governance
  • Total Supply: 450,000,000 BRUSH
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

BRUSH Token Allocation

BRUSH Token Allocation

BRUSH Token Sale


BRUSH Token Release Schedule


BRUSH Token Use case

BRUSH tokens can be used to:

  • Staking BRUSH tokens to get more BRUSH.
  • Provide liquidity to liquidity pools as well as farming to earn additional rewards in transaction fees and BRUSH tokens.
  • The BRUSH token will also be the governance token of PaintSwap - completely allowing BrushDAO to shape where PaintSwap will go in the future.

How to earn and own BRUSH Token

Users can earn BRUSH tokens by:

  • Buy on exchanges that support exchanges.
  • Staking or farming to get BRUSH token rewards.

BRUSH Token exchange and storage wallet


Decentralized exchanges for BRUSH tokens currently include: Spiritswap or Paintswap's own AMM DEX.

Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors and partners

Project team

All members of Paintswap have worked in the field to some extent, so there is a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. For example:

  • SamWitch - 10-year developer of financial software, embedded, crypto-protocol and 3D games.
  • CheeseKnight - Fullstack Engineer with 10 years of experience.
  • Dyeharder - 5 years of software development.
  • Paintoshi - 26 years Software & IT.
  • N0rm - 8 years of design.
  • Arod - 15 years in the field of Digital Marketing.
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Similar projects

Regarding the NFT marketplace, there are names like: Artion, Pumpkittens.


Paintswap is a project that has been honored in the program Fantom ecosystem spotlight of the system. Fantom ecosystem spotlight is a program similar to 's Most Valuable Builders (MVB) program SmartChain. Projects participating in this program will be recognized and supported by the community from many aspects.

Some predict that the NFT field will explode in 2022. As well as the money is starting to pour into the Fantom system after a process of accumulation and construction.

tvl fantom now January 3, 2022
Amount of Fantom is increasing again. Updated on January 3, 2022.

Promising an exciting year for the NFT marketplace on Fantom. As such, Paintswap is currently going to be a notable NFT market player this year.

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