What is HyperJump?

HyperJump is Cross-chain on over two ecosystems Binance Smart Chain and Fantom was born with the desire to bring users a simple but interesting experience.

HyperJump offers products swing tokens can be mentioned as AMM, farm, staking pool, revoke tool, casino for betting, plus a play to earn The game is called HyperHeist.

HyperJump Website: hyperjump.fi/

Highlights of HyperJump

With the desire to bring users an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience, HyperJump builds a platform with many features and utilities aimed at a wide range of users:

  • HyperSwap, Asteroid Field, Mech Staking – the basic pieces of a : At HyperJump you will be able to trade over two to be Smart Chain and . In addition to features such as swap, more liquidity, staking, etc. HyperJump also offers other products such as convert, bridge or buy. .
  • Unreak Tool: A tool to help you revoke all approved access rights mixed SmartChain.
  • HyperHeist: Following the very hot trend of 2021, which is Play-to-Earn, HyperJump offers users eye-catching spaceships with a simple gameplay system. Anyone can quickly grasp and experience this product.
  • Casino and Lottery: If Lottery is a feature you have seen a lot in other products, Casino is a new category, attracting gamers who are passionate about red and black with a wide selection of games in this product.
  • Dedicated tokens for voting: HyperJump offers two separate tokens including the HYPR token () and AURORA token (Fantom) dedicated to voting on different platforms. The potential in the vote depends on the number of tokens you own.
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Unrekt – one of the features of HyperJump

HyperJump Token Information (JUMP)

Key Metrics JUMP

  • Token Name: HyperJump
  • Ticker:
  • : Fantom
  • Token Standard: FRC-20, -20
  • Contract:
    • 0x78de9326792ce1d6eca0c978753c6953cdeedd73 (Fantom)
    • 0x130025ee738a66e691e6a7a62381cb33c6d9ae83 ()
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 JUMP
  • Circulating Supply: 64,867,491 JUMP

JUMP Token Allocation

HyperJump's total supply is 250,000,000 JUMP and is prorated at 3.14 tokens per second across all chains where JUMP tokens are supported.

With the supply allocated as follows:

  • 20% Stake mining.
  • 50% Liquidity farm mining.
  • 10% Trade mining.
  • 10% Partnership with other projects.
  • 10% Burn until project X,Y,X appears.

JUMP Token Release Schedule


JUMP Token Sale


JUMP Token Use Case

JUMP token has the following applications:

  • Besides staking for rewards, JUMP tokens will be used as the primary currency used in HyperJump's Play-to-Earn system.
  • All will be able to be converted to JUMP, helping users simplify the exchange process.
  • Use to buy tickets in Galactic Lottery.
  • Use to play in Casino

How to earn and own JUMP Token

You can own JUMP token by:

  • Use the Swap feature on DEXs.
  • Use LP tokens to participate in farming and get JUMP in return.
  • Use JUMP token itself to staking and get JUMP back.
  • Play games in the Play section of HyperJump such as: MoonBet Casino, HyperGeist, etc. to receive JUMP.
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JUMP Token Exchange

Exchange JUMP

You can buy JUMP directly through DEX exchanges like HyperJump, SpiritSwap.

Roadmap & Updates

Currently, HyperJump has launched products such as HyperSwap, Staking, Farming, etc., but looking at the roadmap image below, we can see that the development path of HyperJump is still very long.

Hyperjump roadmap

Project team, investors & partners

Project Team & Advisor




Overall rating

The past 2021 is the year of the trend and Play-to-Earn. In addition to the toolkit Fully supported on two blockchains, HyperJump also develops more in the game segment, making the product both catch up with the trend and give users more options in earning their JUMP tokens.

Looking at HyperJump's Roadmap, we see the promise of developing the product's DeFi toolkit to be more and more complete. The project also develops new separate tokens for the two systems BSC and Fantom to use for voting, adding value to the product through the Holding and Earning mechanism.


This article has summarized the most basic information you need to know about HyperJump & tokens JUMP. With this post. I hope readers can grasp some of its investment potential.