What are Genopets?

Genopets is the first Move-to-Earn game on , above to nurture and grow Genopet – Your digital mascot. Just bring your Genopet with you and engage in physical activities like walking, running, cycling, and after such a long day, you come home and receive rewards that help nurture your Genopet.

What are the highlights of the Genopets project?

Move to make money

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn Gaming

Genopets is a game Free to play on Solana helps you live an active lifestyle that is fun and rewarding. Genopets uses data tracked by your smartphone or fitness wearable to elevate Genopet yours in the game.

Genopets coined the concept of “Move-to-Play,” meaning Genopets convert your real-life movement into XP to progress in the game. Genopets has replaced the traditional, sedentary, screen-tapping video game with a check on your physical activity for the day. Now, in-game progress that you barely earned through walking around all day can be traded as NFTs at market value, creating the first “Move to Earn” NFT gaming experience. first.

Cultivate, battle and evolve your Genopet NFT to increase its value with every step you take in real life, then sell it on the market to reap rewards.

Main Ingredients Genopets 


Genopet is a synthetic NFT that can be upgraded and customized as you level up in the game. Your Genopet NFT is free and minted as a child. Over time, it will increase in value as you invest time and effort into upgrading its type, combat performance, and aesthetics. Genopet evolves with XP, and its evolution is guided and accelerated with Crystals.

$GENE Token

$ is a fungible governance and staking token representing ownership in Genoverse. As a holder of $ token, you vote for the future of the game and staking your $GENE tokens to earn rewards.

$KI Token

The $KI token is a replaceable in-game reward token that you earn for purchasing Habitat. Use $KI to evolve your Genopet, fake crystal metal, create new Habitat, and battle other players.

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XP, or exp, is an important part of Genopet's growth, increasing with your honing efforts, taking each step every day. Once you have enough XP, you can upgrade your Genopet.

Gene Crystals

Gene Crystals are non-fungible tokens that you create using $GENE and $ KI to drive the growth of Genopet. Gene Crystals come in many forms, and each plays a unique role in influencing your pet's evolution. For example, use a Fire Crystal during evolution to change your Genopet to a Fire type, and give it a glowing look and Fire attacks.


Habitat (Habitat) is where your Genopet lives and thrives. Habitat are procedurally generated non-fungible tokens that you purchase through the Genopets Marketplace or manually using $GENE, $KI, and Gene Crystals. Additionally, Habitat increases your XP, unlocks the ability to craft Gene Crystals directly, and earns you $KI daily.

The Economic Model of Genopets (Move-to-Earn)

Move-to-Earn (Move to earn money)

The disadvantage of traditional games is that players are sedentary and spend most of their time sitting in one place to plow the game. Genopets has replaced traditional video games with a check on your day's physical activity.

Genopets helps you lead an active lifestyle and exercise diligently by using data tracked by your smartphone or fitness wearable to upgrade your Genopet NFT in game and earn .

Your task in the game is to nurture, fight and develop your Genopet NFT to increase its value to earn a lot of money.

Free-to-Play (Free to Play)

All you need to start playing Genopets is a smartphone. Summon and mint your Genopet NFT for free and start earning XP as you move.

Once you have received your reward, you can join Genoverse and experience the magical digital world of the game.

Once you've leveled up your Genopet, you can choose to sell it on Marketplace and use that to invest in your Genopet's habitat to grow faster and earn more.

  • Nurture: Cast a free Genopet NFT based on your personality and connect it to your pedometer to start playing.
  • Evolve: Earn XP by taking on daily step-by-step challenges to upgrade your Genopet to increase its combat performance and customize its appearance.
  • Battle: Join the Battle Arena and challenge other free-to-play players in mini-strategy games, competing to earn more XP and rise to the top of the leaderboards.
  • Trade: Trade Genopet NFT on Marketplace and sell it to other players in Genoverse.
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Pay-to-Play (Pay to Play)

If you want to speed up the game play, you can pay to play:

  • Buy Habitat directly on Genopets Marketplace from other players to start earning $KI + XP points.
  • Set $GENE to accelerate your daily $KI and XP accumulation and increase your daily $KI by leveling up.
  • Create and combine different Gene Crystals for your Genopet to grow in unique ways and create new Habitat to accelerate Genopet's growth.
  • Rent your Habitat to other players when you're not using it and earn while helping others speed up their Genopet development.
  • Sell your Habitat to other players and invest 1 new Habitat to earn more.

$GENE, $KI tokens and XP points

  • Token $GENE: Tokens for administration and staking in Genoverse. Holders and staking of GENE tokens will be able to vote on game modes or future game changes.
  • Token $KI: This token is used as a reward for players who buy Habitat. Token KI is also used to accelerate the evolution of Genopet, craft Habitat and other items.
  • XP Points: This is Genopet's experience point, which increases as you move. When your XP points earned exceed a certain limit, your Genopet will level up.

Token Basics

Genoverse is powered by a dual token system, $GENE and $KI, with multi-currency Solana asset support. Genopets are managed and backed by the $GENE token used for both utility and governance. Players earn $KI tokens daily through moving and fighting as in-game rewards.

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  • Token Name: Genopets Token.
  • Ticker: $GENE
  • : Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…


  • Token Name: Genopets Token.
  • Ticker: $KI
  • : Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Utility.
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Utility


Vote and decide on new in-game features such as new items, gameplay, missions, locations, and integrations.


Holding GENE tokens will give you priority access to new in-game content launches.


Users can join the decentralized rewards pool to earn $ KI in-game currency.

Token Allocation



Stage 1: Nurturing and growing

  • Mint Genopet NFT.
  • Earn $KI tokens daily.
  • Genopet Training.

Phase 2: Battle & NFT Marketplace

  • Fight with friends in mini-games.
  • Collect and trade rare NFT items in the game.
  • Participate in price predictions as a spectator.

Stage 3: Real world

  • Earn Money – Get $KI to stay active.
  • Integration with health data sources.
  • Upgrade Genopet with biometric data with zero-knowledge protocol.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The project also received a lot of support from influential individuals in the market , Gaming and Fitness, such as: Prabhakar Reddy (Co-Founder, FalconX), Richard Ma (CEO, Quantstamp), Kevin Lin (Co-Founder, Twitch), John Robinson (President & COO, 100 Thieves), Brian Corrigan (VP and Head of Americas, PUBG Corporation), Keisuke Honda (Professional Japanese footballer).

Investors & Partners

New Genopets closes Seed Round with $8M investment from major partners in the market as well as the NF Game market like , Konvoy Ventures ( Investor of ), Pantera Capital, Solana Capital, Xoogler Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Collab+Currency, Spartan Group, Animoca Brands, OliveX, Hyper, CMT Digital, Alliance, Eniac Ventures, CMS Holdings, GBV Capital, Guild Games, Merit , Bitscale Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Evernew Capital, Fundamental Labs, Valhalla Capital, Cinchblock, Raptor Capital, and Magnus Capital.


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