What is Delphi?

is a management and investment platform that acts like a hedge fund with no management fees, low risk, and especially self-adjusting investment strategies to suit the market situation. to maximize profits for users.

Website: https://delphia.com/

Highlights of Delphia

Smart investment service, reduce risk

allows users to invest with a small amount of capital and can enjoy the same interest rate as hedge funds. There is no fixed definition but a hedge fund is a type of fund that tends to invest in a wide variety of assets/financial types with a high degree of liquidity.

delphia no management fee

Investing and allocating portfolios into different asset classes with good liquidity will help investors minimize risk.

In addition, Delphia will use data from the community's comments on social networks, understanding investor behavior and various studies to provide the platform's investment algorithm.

From there, Delphia can find a suitable strategy, automatically adjust investment positions and flexibly adapt to the market in the most timely manner.

Provide profit opportunities for private equity funds

Usually, investment opportunities in companies will mostly belong to large funds such as pension funds (Pension Fund) or funds with private equity (Large Private Equity Firm).

However, these funds have requirements that investors must meet, such as large capital / high income, longtime employees / core of the company.

delphia retail investors
Delphia offers opportunities to invest in businesses with private equity for retail investors.

This will reduce market access to private enterprises for investors who want to contribute capital to private companies (retail investors/private equity). One of the other approaches is that they can invest through stocks, stocks, bonds. However, not all companies with private capital meet the requirements for listing on exchanges.

Understanding this, Delphia provides private equity funds with easier access to these private companies, depending on risk appetite and position. In theory, investors in private equity firms will be divided into four categories:

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private equity delphia
Basic classification of private equity funds and their investment types.
  • Angel Investors: They will invest in companies that do not have a strong/positive business index yet but have a high return (high risk) prospect.
  • Venture Capital: They tend to invest in projects that have a fast growth but the revenue is not good and cannot access the debt market to raise capital.
  • Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs): Type of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) but using high capital leverage. When acquiring, the assets of the acquired company will become collateral for the debt borrowed for the M&A, and when the collateral increases in value, the debt will decrease by a quarter of the acquirer. profit (very high risk when the company's asset price falls).
  • Distressed Private Equity: Companies with financial difficulties and needing governance support but with good internal resources will be the focus of attention of private equity funds (PE Fund). At this point, the PE will buy the company at a good discount. When the company is supported and can be revived, the private equity will benefit (the risk is very high when the company cannot be revived).

Benefits of holding Delphia Token

Currently, the project has not launched a Token for the project. T_REX Will follow and update everyone later.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

Delphia's team has an impressive profile when the key managers/executives of the company are all PhDs from famous universities in the US such as Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania as well as the business development department. (Head of BD) and head of financial investment (CIO).

They used to work for companies on Wall Street but chose a more challenging and risky path when joining Delphia. Even the CTO of Delphia has a startup that was acquired by Coindesk.

delphia team
Delphia team

The Delphia team has extensive expertise in investment and finance. Investment is a core element of the product that Delphia is providing to the market, along with resources from technology personnel to strengthen the platform's algorithms.

In addition, they also have a strong consulting force with 4 people with different expertise:

delphia advisor

Ajay Agrawal:

  • The professor does research on the economic factors of artificial intelligence AI. He is also the co-author of the popular book "Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence (Harvard Business School Press)".
  • In addition, Ajay is also the co-founder of Creative Destruction Lab, one of the organizations creating many of the world's leading AI startups such as NEXT AI (AI program for startup entrepreneurs), Kindred AI (a machine that uses intelligence to start a business). artificial intelligence) was certified by MIT as the top 50 smartest technology companies in 2017.
  • He was also voted by Globa & Mail as the top 50 most powerful people in the Canadian business world.
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Christian Catalini:

  • He holds the position of Theodore T. Miller Career Development Professor at MIT and is the founder of the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab. He specializes in researching cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding and developing startups in the industry .
  • His research papers have been presented at major financial institutions around the world such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury, the World Bank, and the White House OSTP.

Clifton van der Linden: He is a co-founder of Delphia and has experience in both computer science and social theory. He holds a PhD from the University of Toronto.

Michael Zargham: He is the CEO and founder of BlockScience. He holds a PhD in system architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in automation and decentralization.


They have just raised funding up to $60M for the serie A round led by Multicoin Capital, in addition to the participation of other large investors such as Rabbit Capital and Officials.

delphia partners

In addition to the above $60 million investment, Delphia also received $20 million from other traditional financial institutions. The total amount of $80 million raised will be used to support and promote user data sources, social network perspectives and even employment models. From there, to serve the investment process of users.


Delphia's partners and investors include prominent names such as Multicoin Capital, Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, FJ Labs, Lattice Ventures, Cumberland, Thomas Bailey of Road Capital and M13.

Roadmaps & Updates

Delphia wishes to have more data shared from people/investors to understand more about the factors that can affect the investment behavior of users. In addition, they also want to add many other valuable data that, if users agree to share, Delphia has a token reward program. From there, they want the project's algorithm to better understand the market, investment behavior, etc. to help increase the probability of predicting the direction of the market.

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delphia data

The development direction of Delphia is as follows:

  1. Collecting information from contributors (e.g. transactions through banks/exchanges).
  2. They will make predictions about which companies people invest in based on the information contributed.
  3. Change investment strategies, positions based on analysis and predictions in step 2.
  4. The more accurate the information provided, the more investors benefit from both the contribution information and the increased win rate of investments.
delphia vision

Delphia Token Information

Key Metrics

Basic information about tokens:

  • Token Name: Delphia
  • Ticker: Updating…
  • : Updating…
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Updating…
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating….

Token Allocation

Currently, Delphia has not yet announced information about the project's token allocation.

Token Sale

Delphia has raised a total of $80 million for a series A round, but the exact prices at which the funds buy have not been announced.

delphia vc

Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

When the project's token launches, T_REX Will update you as soon as possible.

How to earn and own tokens

There is currently no official announcement plan, however, Delphia has revealed that the fundraising at the end of June 2022 will be partly for the issuance of tokens. The way to own the token can be mentioned as contributing data to the protocol to complete the investment algorithm and in return the contributor will receive the token.

They are working to find ways to help incentivize contributors to receive Delphia tokens in as many ways as possible, specifically by pooling individual data.

data money delphia

Token exchange & storage wallet


Delphia's information channels

delphia twitter
Delphia's Twitter Channel


This article has summarized the most basic information you need to know about Delphia. With this post. I hope readers can grasp some of its investment potential.

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