I. What is DarkShield Game?

DarkShield Games Studio specializes in the development of coding games, 2D and 3D RPG video games. DarkShield Games creates a link between the game industry and the world .

In the near future, the project will promote marketing activities in international and Vietnamese markets.

II. Project highlights

Game Characters can be traded as unique on the market.

Point system

Earn in-game points to exchange for NFTs and valuable tokens

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

The community can vote and invest in potential new games.


Token and NFT marketplace for in-game trading and exchange.


Online multiplayer feature where users compete to win and get rewards.

Bonus Pool

Liquid Pool-based in-game rewards for online multiplayer gameplay.

III. Product

Zygut is a fighting game with 1:1 combat function and Story mode. With beautiful graphic design and impressive game mechanics, Zygut promises to bring many interesting experiences to players.

Currently, the game has released a trailer, you can watch it below:

IV. Development roadmap

Q3, 2021

  • Release Tokenomics
  • Content development
  • Search market
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Q4, 2021

  • Website Establishment
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Release Pitch deck
  • Find partners
  • Community development
  • Test game Zygut

Q1, 2022

  • Issuing Asset Staking
  • Studio Development and Auction
  • Game development
  • Marketing

Q2, 2022

  • Test game Zygut
  • DarkMarketplace ()
  • Audit
  • Zygut game release (Android & Ios)
  • Buy bounty
  • Seeking partner

Q3, 2022

  • Listing the exchange
  • Decentralized governance structure ()
  • Dark Market (Alpha Version)
  • Introducing the in-game map and

Q4, 2022

  • Game Zygut (Web)
  • Decentralized governance structure (Testnet)
  • Marketing campaign for the game
  • Other development activities

V. Current partner

BECAUSE. Exchanges

Currently, $ token are traded at some famous exchanges such as: MEXC, PancakeSwap, Poocoin, ...

VII. Tokenomics

Circulating currency in DarkShield Games Studio is powered by $, a cryptographically secured asset created on Smart Chain (BSC). DarkShield Tokens () will act as a utility token that powers DarkShield's cross-chain game studio, including game rewards, stakes, and serves as an in-game currency.


Game Rewards

  • Get points and convert to DKS . tokens
  • Complete in-game challenges and get DKS . rewards


  • APR Staking Rewards
  • Join
  • Increase skills in the game
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In-game currency

  • Buy/sell NFTs, in-game assets, e.g. land.
  • Setting up an in-game base
  • Rewards


  • DAO structure
  • Acceptance protocol
  • Suggestions
  • Right to vote

Basic information:

  • Token Name: DarkShield
  • Token: DKS
  • : Smart Chain (-20)
  • : 0x121235cff4c59eec80b14c1d38b44e7de3a18287
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000
  • Circulating volume: 97,500,000


VIII. Community

To receive the earliest information from the project, readers can follow the communication channels below:






Telegram VN

IX. Conclusion

DarkShield Game trust is the future of Finance and the gaming industry provides the most amazing system to be able to easily interact with and technology . Through a point and reward system, game objects and characters become compatible with NFT items. And only games that are fully crypto and FT compatible will be produced by the studio. 

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