When the market continues to go up, more and more investors are looking to invest in different tokens. However, with tens of thousands of different tokens on the market, determining which tokens are worth investing in can be a headache. An important factor to consider when investing in tokens is when the token is unlocked.

Token unlocking occurs when a certain number of tokens are available to investors. These unlocks can have a significant impact on the price of the token, as investors can choose to buy or sell the token depending on their assessment of its value. Therefore, tracking token unlocking is an essential step in making informed investment decisions.

In this March, there will be some important token unlocks. According to data from trackers, the biggest upcoming token unlock is for (APE), will unlock $173.11 million, approximately 4,06% of the total supply of this token, on March 17. () is also scheduled to unlock $95.43 million, approximately 1,88% of the token's total supply, on March 15.

() will unlock $48.92 million, about 0.83% of total supply on March 16, while (FIL) is set to unlock $31.94 million, approximately 0.28% total supply on March 14. Tribal (TRIBL) will also unlock $25.57 million, approximately 2,26% total supply on March 17. Finally, (LDO) will unlock $19.61 million, approximately 0.79% total supply on March 18 and token () will unlock $13.87 million, about 0.64% total supply on March 14.

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Source: Top7ICO.

These upcoming unlocks are expected to have a significant impact on the prices of these tokens, as investors decide to buy or sell in response to an increased supply. Therefore, investors should pay attention to these unlocks and make an informed decision based on their own research and analysis.

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Although investing in token can be profitable, but the important thing to remember is the market always volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, investors should always check carefully before investing and never invest more than the amount in their risk budget. By staying informed and acting prudently, investors can make informed investment decisions and navigate the market. confidently.

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