The price of Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general has increased rapidly due to the expectations that the US regulator will give the green light to the Bitcoin Futures ETF.

Price surpassed $60,000, the high touched nearly $63,000 and a slight decline pushed the entire crypto market capitalization to over $2.5 billion - back to the peak in May.

When , and other cryptocurrencies rallied, traders are expecting a strong rally between now and the end of 2021.

Cryptocurrency Breaks $2.5 Trillion as Bitcoin and Ethereum Soar

Nick Spanos, Founder of the Center Bitcoin NYC and Decentralized Network Co-Founder said: “Four 4 of Bitcoin, and the crypto market is likely to be very strong and will set a peak in 2022.”

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Markets Started Hot Again By News The SEC Approved a Bitcoin in this week. Many people believe that the birth of the will attract money flow into the market than.

Simon Peters, Analyst “After a week of building expectations and momentum, Bitcoin has hit $60,000 for the first time in almost six months,” said on eToro. The spike (yesterday) seems to be due to growing confidence that US regulators will approve Bitcoins. . But a surge past $60,000 was possible after weeks of institutional inflows into Bitcoin and short-term holders switching to long-term holdings and the implications for Bitcoin's supply. .”

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At the same time, someone pointed out that large investors are holding large amounts of Bitcoin leading to a tight supply.

CEO In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Mr. Curtis Ting said: “The number of investors entering this market has been increasing steadily. The number of Kreken account registrations has increased continuously for many months since the summer. This coincides with a time when Bitcoin's supply is evaporating continuously.

As Intelligance mentioned previously, the number of Bitcoins held by whales has reached a record 11.88 million, more than half of the total supply as of mid-September. Along with the possibility of a fund If accepted will stimulate the investor community and create more digital asset funds, an increase above $60,000 may be the result of an increasingly limited supply, not enough to meet the increased demand. leap.”

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