THORSwap, multi-chain aggregator is built on THORChain, just launched a cross-chain swap for most tokens .

THORSwap launches cross-chain swap for most tokens

In last night's announcement, THORSwap integrated Aggregator Ethereum to your platform. Swapping thousands of tokens -20 out of 8 layer-1 has never been simpler.

The addition supports these assets combined with aggregated liquidity from DEXs like and allows users to quickly swap assets directly on THORSwap without using a third party bridge.

Users can choose which tokens they want to transfer and which THORSwap is supporting , Ether, , … The protocol currently holds about $361 million in total locked value ().

Cross-chain swap allows users to swap tokens from one from one token to another on a other. This process can take place through a single protocol or multiple protocols (such as a combination of decentralized exchanges and blockchain bridges). In this case, THORSwap uses only to perform.

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() is a decentralized cross-chain protocol built on and -SDK, with the goal of increasing liquidity for assets . Back in 2021, THORChain suffered an exploit in July, causing a loss of $7.8 million because of Bifrost, this vulnerability pushed the price down to 3 USD, but the platform only took 4 months to revive strongly.

Although the market in early 2022 is quite struggling, on THORChain is still growing tremendously and it seems that THORSwap is the only product built on it.

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