THORChain (RUNE) It's been a rough year. It went through a series of exploits in the protocol, which resulted in 8 million USD being withdrawn from its reserves and these consecutive attacks had a negative impact on the price of the coin. .

This week, Announcement about reopening the pool , along with pools based on and different, had a positive effect on the price .

Data from TradingView shows that since hitting a low of 2.95 usd on July 20th, the price of RUNE has increased by nearly 300% to 12.99usd at the present time and there is also an amazing increase in value. transaction volume.

THORChain (RUNE) gains 78% after many good news

RUNE 1-day chart / | Source: TradingView

The two reasons behind the recovery and strength building seen in RUNE include the relaunch of trading capabilities above 5 Supported including network () and the upcoming launch of many new projects online .

Thorchain Reboots Ethereum Pools

The factors behind the bullish momentum of RUNE are the reactivation of trading services on all networks supported, with Ethereum reopen on October 21.

“The transaction has been activated on the Ethereum chain. THORChain has restarted all 5 blockchains – , , , , . Ethereum LP will be activated when the pool price is adjusted.”

Trading activities have been restricted after the incident back in April and after checking the code, the pools (), Litecoin (), Coins (), Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash () is in the process of reopening.

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Follow data powered by THORChain, pent-up demand for trading on the protocol has been demonstrated by a trading volume of nearly 2 million USD for tokens -20 minutes after the group reopens.

Releases token and airdrops in the future

Another reason for the bullish move towards RUNE is the upcoming launch of many new projects on the THORChain network that will soon be listed on the Thorstarter (XRUNE) platform, a decentralized launchpad for the RUNE ecosystem. .

“With THORChain about to regain its multi-blockchain glory it's time to look at some of the more interesting tokens on the Asgardian horizon. Once thereum is reactivated, the ThorFi ecosystem will explode!”.

Some of the major upcoming launches include THORSwap, THORWallet, Brokkr Finance, Skipp Swap, DeFiSwap, and the XDEFI wallet.

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