Renowned analyst Guy and host of Coin Bureau is sharing his price analysis , the native token of the decentralized exchange protocol Thorchain.

In one video new, he said that the “sky is the limit” of this token during the bull run takes place.

"By the time, started as another branch of the current financial system. Everywhere you go, you need to provide KYC. Almost all the services that you use involve an intermediary and everything you do is tracked.

This trend of surveillance and centralization is gaining traction, but fortunately there are several cryptocurrencies working to keep the industry free. is said to be at the top of this list. And now that it's revived, it's time to remind all of you how important this crypto project is."

In June, was attacked many times and lost about 13 million USD. The developers took steps to freeze the protocol in August and September, according to Guy. Now he sees the price action of reflect positive sentiment.

“RUNE is rallying pretty well and is rapidly approaching its previous all-time high. This milestone can easily be achieved, and it is for three reasons.

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RUNE can set at 40$

Firstly, now that Thorchain has revived, which means more cryptocurrencies will be added to Thorchain's various vaults. Because Thorchain nodes have to stake 1.5 times the value of RUNE against the value of cryptocurrencies in Thorchain vaults, this creates buying pressure on RUNE as more cryptocurrencies are deposited. these vaults.

Second, Thorchain liquidity providers depositing cryptocurrencies into Thorchain vaults must also pool an equivalent amount of RUNE for those assets, which means they will also buy more RUNEs.

And third, user interface Thorchain’s different clients have to pay for all transaction fees in RUNE, which makes them the third demand vector for RUNE.”

The analyst ultimately made the following prediction:

“As for the potential price, I will reiterate that the sky is the limit for RUNE given the insane value of what the Thorchain protocol has to offer. In my books, the realistic estimate for the rest of this bull run is between 3 and 4 times current levels. And strong demand from Chinese traders for can take RUNE much higher.”

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RUNE is currently trading at $13.71, close to its 7-day high, but still 34% below the $20.87 ATH it hit back in May.

Daily RUNE/USDT price chart. Source: TradingView
RUNE price chart/ daily. Source: TradingView

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