Electric car manufacturing giant Payment is allowed in several months after suspending payments in due to environmental problems. As a result, the price double-digit jump.

It's no secret when , the richest man on the planet, is a fan of the original memecoin – . However, his support has risen to new heights now decide to enable payment for its products.

The company explain that users who want to choose memecoin need to have a wallet and they can transfer money via alphanumeric code or QR code once connected.

All Tesla products are priced in Dogecoin

The giant has promised to update product prices displayed in DOGE soon, but as of now, they are still in fiat currency. All Tesla products “will be explicitly priced in Dogecoin.”

Tesla also warns potential customers that orders placed with DOGE will be “unrevocable”. In addition, all such purchases are “single-closed” and cannot be returned, exchanged or cancelled.

The company emphasizes that Dogecoin is the type the only one it accepts. The company used to allow payment in last year but was discontinued a few months later citing environmental issues.

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Immediately after the news broke, DOGE spiked 30%, from $0.16 to a monthly high of $0.21. Currently, the memecoin has dropped slightly and is only at $0.1948.

Source: TradingView

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