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BNB chain hacked $586M

Market news

BNB Chain Bridge Hacked, Damage Estimated $586 Million

Update: In the early afternoon of October 7, BNB Chain announced that it had fixed the...

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Transit Swap was blown away $21M

Market news

Transit Swap blown $21M due to internal code error

Despite the crypto market being "running out of money" at the moment, the...

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Bitcoin altcoin

Market news

Bitcoin attempt fails at $20K, altcoin is less volatile

Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance Increases Nearly 2% Over the Last Week Despite...

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cosmos whitepaper

Crypto 101

Things to know about Cosmos when whitepaper 2.0 is released

Cosmos team has just released the official whitepaper with many suggestions to change...

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Market news

Shanghai upgrade will not withdraw staked ETH tokens

Ethereum developer Micah Zoltu has confirmed the upcoming Shanghai upgrade will...

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Huobi token

Market news

Huobi exchange delists 7 most popular privacy coins

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global will remove seven projects under the...

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Merge Ethereum

Market news

Merge Ethereum takes place 9/15 only 34,000 blocks left

The highly anticipated Merge Ethereum (ETH) will take place at 4am...

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MakerDAO coinbase $24m

Market news

Coinbase proposes to earn $24 million for MakerDAO

Coinbase submitted a proposal that could see MakerDAO (MKR) earn up to 24...

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MakerDAO & stable dai

Market news

MakerDAO and the Crossroads of stablecoin DAI

On August 26, Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO (MKR), the project behind...

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fed back suat

Market news

Fed rate hike will push US into recession

US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) discussed inflation and...

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The Merge ethereum

Market news

Ethereum may fail because it is too centralized on nodes

Only a few weeks left until Ethereum officially switched from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, too...

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Tornado Cash tether

Market news

Tether (USDT) continues to support Tornado Cash

Tether, issuer of stablecoin USDT, considers freezing of wallet addresses...

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