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Profit taking rules 20-25%

It's not hard to win the investment game. Just pay attention...

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Market analysis

Ethereum (ETH) will be the next cryptocurrency to explode

HIBE Blockchain Executive Chairman Frank Holmes has predicted that Ethereum (ETH) will...

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Market analysis

SushiSwap vs Uniswap the never-ending battle

DeFi has grown quite clearly since its inception. Released...

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Crypto 101

AAVE – DeFi Lending Protocol

AAVE is the largest cryptocurrency lending and tokenization DeFi protocol...

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Market news

Bitcoin Uptrend Through Indicators

On the stock market in general and the cryptocurrency sector in particular,...

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Crypto 101

Learn DEX – decentralized exchange

Decentralized Exchange - What is a DEX? Decentralized exchange...

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Crypto 101

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Binance Smart Chain is one of the most attractive cash flow ecosystems...

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Crypto 101

Meme Coins and Tokens

Inspired by Internet memes and events, and...

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Crypto 101

What is Uniswap (UNI)?

What is Uniswap? Uniswap is considered a decentralized swap protocol,...

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Market analysis

Ethereum (ETH) Generates Positive Signals for Holders

The crypto market in the past weeks has had strong corrections, highlighting...

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axie infinity

Crypto 101

Axie Infinity (AXS) Overview

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)? Axie Infinity is a game built on blockchain that takes...

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Market analysis

Will FTT be the next BNB?

Exchange coins continuously broke out in the past time. After a huge success...

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