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Transit Swap was blown away $21M

Market news

Transit Swap blown $21M due to internal code error

Despite the crypto market being "running out of money" at the moment, the...

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Web3 will help Taiwan secure information against cyber attacks

Market news

Web3 will help Taiwan keep information secure

To combat cyber attacks from China, Taiwan uses...

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Market news

Voyager gets offers many times better than FTX

Cryptocurrency lending company Voyager Digital says it has received...

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cross-chain Nomad hack $176m

Market news

Cross-chain Nomad was hacked and blew away $176 million

Nomad, a cross-chain bridge project, has become the name of the hacked...

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Blockchain and Crypto Terminology

Crypto 101

100+ Blockchain and Crypto Terms You Must Know!

The Crypto market is currently attracting a lot of interest. You are a...

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ConsenSys Launches TURN . Token

Market news

ConsenSys to launch new TURN token in mid-August

ConsenSys Launches TURN Token...

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