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cosmos whitepaper

Crypto 101

Things to know about Cosmos when whitepaper 2.0 is released

Cosmos team has just released the official whitepaper with many suggestions to change...

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Market news

ETH PoW announces changes if chain split

Ethereum Proof-of-Work, the project that maintains the Ethereum PoW chain, has just announced changes...

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Tornado Cash

Market news

A series of wallets sent “dirty ETH” from Tornado Cash

After Tornado Cash was banned by the US, someone sent ETH from the platform...

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Crypto 101

Overview of the Aptos . Ecosystem

Overview of the Aptos Ecosystem...

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Solana slope

Market news

Solana identifies the cause of the Slope wallet problem

Solana's team has initially determined the reason for the incident...

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Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST)

Crypto 101

What is Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST)?

BTCST Overview Bitcoin mining is a profitable venture...

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Blockchain and Crypto Terminology

Crypto 101

100+ Blockchain and Crypto Terms You Must Know!

The Crypto market is currently attracting a lot of interest. You are a...

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T-REX News


In the uptrend season of 2021, Gaming through hit games like Axie Infinity, Crypto...

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Crypto 101

Delphia project overview

What is Delphi? Delphia is an investment and management platform that works...

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Market news

Celsius Network just returned $120 million to Maker

As previously reported by T-REX, Celsius is planning to phase out...

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Crypto 101

What is BTC Dominance (BTCD)?

To better understand the crypto market specifications,...

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Market news

Ethereum transaction fees are currently less than $3

The average cost of making an Ethereum (ETH) transaction is at 2.96...

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