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MetaMask warns of phishing "poisoning addresses"

Market news

MetaMask warns of new scam

MetaMask warns of a new type of scam, hitting the subjectivity...

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nft solana

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Will NFT help Solana recover in 2023?

Despite the recent negative news regarding the collapse...

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Can Bitcoin Become a Weapon of War?

Russia-Ukraine, and currently Palestine in the Gaza Strip are showing interest in...

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Taylor Swift ftx

Market news

Taylor Swift turned down a $100 million contract with FTX

Singer Taylor Swift is said to have discussed with FTX exchange about...

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Trader Joe avalanche

Market news

Trader Joe of Avalanche expands to Arbitrum

The largest DEX of the Avalanche ecosystem, Trader Joe, will officially...

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Market news

2 Cardano projects simultaneously halted operation

Orbit and Ardana – a project that once raised $ 10 million from the Three Arrows fund...

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Skyward Finance

Market news

Skyward Finance hacked $3M, price collapsed 95%

SKYWARD, the native token of the NEAR-based Skyward Finance platform, has dropped to 95%...

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Market news

Millions of dollars lost due to API key leak that connects to FTX

A trader has lost more than 1 million USD after being exploited by API...

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QuickSwap Qidao

Market news

QiDao was infected when QuickSwap Lend was exploited

The Polygon ecosystem this morning appeared information that QiDao was attacked....

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Market news

Avalanche revealed evidence of "bad play" on many rival projects

While the entire cryptocurrency market is still experiencing a lot of...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Will Promote Human Development

The mainstream media has a misconception that...

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Crypto 101

Overview of the Aptos . Ecosystem

Overview of the Aptos Ecosystem...

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