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TX Ventures acquires 30% stake in SkyBridge

Market news

FTX Ventures acquires 30% stake in SkyBridge Capital

FTX Ventures, the investment arm of billionaire Sam...

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Market news

3AC withdraws 33 million USD of stETH from Defi . pool

A wallet belonging to hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) withdrew $33 million...

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MakerDAO & stable dai

Market news

MakerDAO and the Crossroads of stablecoin DAI

On August 26, Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO (MKR), the project behind...

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Litentry (LIT)

Crypto 101

Overview of the Litentry (LIT) project

What is Litentry (LIT)? Litentry is a protocol that aggregates non-personal information...

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Celsius ripple

Market news

Ripple may buy back Celsius to expand position

Ripple is actively looking to scale the company through...

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Crypto 101

Overview of the Aptos . Ecosystem

Overview of the Aptos Ecosystem...

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Market news

Wirex Wallet (WXT) cooperates with 1inch Network (1Inch)

The partnership will allow Wirex (WXT) community members to swap...

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Thanh Ly money ma flower

Crypto 101

All about crypto liquidation

Over the past few months, liquidation has been the most frequently talked about topic...

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Blockchain and Crypto Terminology

Crypto 101

100+ Blockchain and Crypto Terms You Must Know!

The Crypto market is currently attracting a lot of interest. You are a...

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BlockFi is lending $600 million

Market news

BlockFi is lending $600 million in assets without collateral

The rumored cryptocurrency lending platform BlockFi has been...

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FTX CEO declares “not afraid” to lose money to help crypto grow, reveals plans to buy Bitcoin

Market news

FTX CEO strengthens bailout and buys more bitcoin

FTX CEO Sam-Bankman Fried doesn't mind "losing money" if the bailout...

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Market news

lending Genesis Trading for 2.36 billion USD to 3AC

Lending company Genesis Trading admits it gave Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a fund...

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