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HashKey crypto

Market news

HashKey is authorized to manage the portfolio in crypto

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has granted a renewal of the management license...

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Green Blockchain polkadot

Market news

Green Blockchain named “Polkadot”

According to the latest data, Polkadot is starting to become a “green” layer 1 blockchain...

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Acala Network

Market news

Acala Network continues to recover nearly 1.7 billion aUSD

Security vulnerabilities continue to be a hotly discussed topic...

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Automata Network (ATA)

Crypto 101

Automata Network (ATA) project overview

What is the Automata Network project? Automata Network is the 20th Launchpool project...

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Litentry (LIT)

Crypto 101

Overview of the Litentry (LIT) project

What is Litentry (LIT)? Litentry is a protocol that aggregates non-personal information...

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Market news

Interlay Launches Bitcoin Cross-Chain Bridge on Polkadot

Interlay, a London-based blockchain company, has launched a bridge...

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Market news

NEAR Launches SDK in JavaScript Programming Language

Blockchain layer 1 Near Protocol (NEAR) has announced the launch of the Software Development Kit...

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Alchemy integrates with Astar

Market news

Alchemy integration with Astar extends Web3 infrastructure

Alchemy, a well-known blockchain infrastructure delivery platform, announced the...

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cross-chain Nomad hack $176m

Market news

Cross-chain Nomad was hacked and blew away $176 million

Nomad, a cross-chain bridge project, has become the name of the hacked...

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Market news

Bitcoin closes the month above $23,000, altcoins move sideways

Bitcoin fails to maintain momentum above $ 24,000, yet closes...

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Moonbeam (GLMR) ready to integrate with Osmosis

Market news

Moonbeam is ready to integrate with DEX Osmosis

Moonbeam (GLMR) is ready to integrate with Osmosis...

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Market news

3 Key Indicators That the Crypto Market Will Fall

Total crypto market cap hovers in the 17% range...

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