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Crypto 101

What is the MetaWars game project?

Blockchain games are said to be the new breeze of the gaming industry. This is a game...

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Market news

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Ready on 11/14

The Taproot upgrade is set to roll out on May 14...

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Market news

BNB Ready to Set ATH at $692

On October 12, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange...

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Crypto 101

Overview of the ANKR . project

Ankr is an outstanding Blockchain service providing cryptocurrency project...

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Market news

Binance Smart Chain Launches BEP-95 to Create New Fee Burning Mechanism

Binance Smart Chain Just Launched New Binance Improvement Protocol Proposal, Bringing...

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Crypto 101

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Binance Smart Chain is one of the most attractive cash flow ecosystems...

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Crypto 101

What is Project Certik (CTK)?

In the explosive era of the DeFi market, the need for a platform...

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Crypto 101

What is Harmony (ONE)?

What is Harmony (ONE)? Harmony (ONE) is a blockchain platform designed to...

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Crypto 101

What's hot about Radio Caca (RACA)?

The cryptocurrency market always appears new characters, emerging and causing a stir...

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Crypto 101

THORChain project overview and tokens (RUNE)

What is THORCHAIN? THORChain is a decentralized network that helps users...

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Crypto 101

NFT overview and how to create your own NFTs

Introduction You must have lived under a rock before you heard the news...

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T-REX News

Important changes in T-REX exchange update on May 17, 2021

To improve translation quality and user experience, the system update...

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