In the uptrend season 2021, through hit games like , Raider, Thetan Arena….. have proven to be a great attraction, contributing to bringing in a large number of new users to and . Until Q2 2022, in the context of the downtrend market, the number of users of still accounts for 50% total number of users positive monthly. The first generation of blockchain-based games had problems with how to build a sustainable economy and entertain players. However, the benefits that blockchain brings to the game as well as the benefits that What can be brought to blockchain/crypto universalization is obvious.

After nearly 4 years in the industry, understand the benefits of transparency and convenience that blockchain and can bring to innovation, modernization and transparency of key processes of traditional industries. This is the reason why our team decided to enter the Esport market with the desire to apply the advancements of blockchain/web3 in a selective and sustainable way in organizing, participating in competitions, and interacting. each other…

ESport and the problems of online eSports tournaments

ESport is an acronym for Electronic Sport - Electronic Sports, is a form of participating in electronic matches between many players, especially professional players. Popular games used in are skill-based games (Game of skill) such as Call of Duty (FPS - first-person shooter game genre), League of Legends (MOBA - multiplayer online battle arena strategy game) or sports video games like FIFA, Rocket League, etc.

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Esports have quite all the characteristics of traditional sports such as competition between players, events , sponsorship, fan community, screening and broadcasting…. The organization of the Regular offline eSports will cost a lot in terms of manpower, locations, equipment and other related work, especially mid-range gamers and below will have a hard time accessing and trying out in tournaments. too large in scale. So now many small-scale eSport tournaments are often held in the form of online (online tournaments) to save costs, as well as create conditions for many classes of gamers to experience the same competition. officially together.

Along with that, many inconvenient problems also arise in the process of organizing the tournament such as arranging the tournament frame, calling for investors or paying bonuses, etc., which are also shortcomings that are preventing the creation of many than tournaments.

After many months of research in the field of Gaming, realized that this is a potential market and is still constantly developing and expanding. Currently, however, tournaments online is facing many inconveniences that have not yet been resolved, this has motivated wants to step into the market and try to bring more optimal solutions to the outstanding problems of online eSports.

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What is T-REX ARENA?

is a model of eSports online arena 100% and is sponsored by T-REX and a number of partners in the blockchain and crypto industry, where gamers find many regularly held online tournaments with a variety of different games such as League of Legends, League of Legends, and League of Legends. Wild Rift, FIFA online, , Thetan Arena…

is a new playground for gamers, and is also considered the premise of a more complete product that applies web3 advances and technologies from T-REX. Through the , our operations, R&D and product development teams will gain more experience and insight to develop a more complete product for organizing online eSports tournaments, thereby bringing to appropriate solutions based on blockchain expertise, helping the eSports tournament model to be innovated in the direction of transparency, speed and convenience for both organizers and gamers.

Some documents about eSports tournaments organized and sponsored by T-REX

LOL WildRift Tournament organized by T-REX
ARENA of VALOR Tournament - Host by T-REX ARENA
Axie Infinity Tournament - Host by T-REX ARENA
day Tournament series - Host by T-REX ARENA
TEAMFIGHT TACTICS Tournament - Host by T-REX ARENA  (LOL WildRift Tournament sponsored by T-REX ARENA, hosted by TAGuild) (Call of Duty Tournament sponsored by T-REX ARENA, hosted by TAGuild) (Valorant tournament sponsored by T-REX ARENA, hosted by HATTEN GUILD)

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About T-REX Exchange

T-REX is a P2P exchange founded in 2018, which helps investors in the blockchain and crypto market to exchange types of as popular as , , , stable coins and fiat currencies easily, safely and conveniently. With nearly 4 years of operation in the blockchain/crypto field, we have experience and deep understanding with

Note: T-REX Arena does not have any connection with the game brands mentioned in this article such as: FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty…. The trademark copyrights of the above games are owned by their respective developers and publishers.

T-REX Exchange, T-REX Arena are trademarks owned by T-REX Global OU Estonia.

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