With the complicated and increasingly serious developments of the Corona pandemic, decided to continue the event 0% transaction fees until October 17, 2020 to support users on the exchange to be able to save a part of costs during this difficult period.

Besides each of your transactions on the exchange, will contribute 0.5 to the national support fund. Although the operation is simple, it can help add an extra hospital bed for isolated patients, a meal for people in difficult circumstances or a mask for street vendors.

In addition, you can contribute directly to the following address:

wallet address : 36SKX3ZvQgRugN4EPTanizHQgVmmkw96Y3

wallet address : 0xaa61866fa5d9c867fd7d2ed5a035cc0426bf4904

wallet address ERC20: 0xaa61866fa5d9c867fd7d2ed5a035cc0426bf4904

** Note:

  • After contributing, please message via Telegram with Admin to confirm: @marcus3011
  • The donation program will start on March 25, 2020 and end on April 25, 2020.

Reputable accounts:

  • Transaction fee: 0% billion
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

KYC approved accounts:

  • Transaction fee: 0% billion
  • Deposit Fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

Registered account but not completed KYC

  • Transaction fee: 0.5% billion
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free

Information about us.

Established in singapore and licensed to operate an exchange in Estonia with registration number: 14616779. With a team of operators with many years of experience in the financial and information technology industries, T-Rex is a convenient platform. benefit everyone who is interested and wants to invest in a completely new financial sector - decentralized finance.

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December 2018. The investment company Rachel Limited of the startup Koike Shinzo invested in the Preseed round with an enterprise value of 5 million USD – He is also the chairman of Meldia group with a market capitalization of more than 400 million USD in Vietnam. Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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