The market is falling these days too, this is considered a good opportunity to jump into a potential project at a cheap price but among thousands of projects, which one is worth joining?

Answering the above question, analyst Suppoman listed 5 projects “They have many upside opportunities, and now is the right time to enter,” he said.

On his 111,000-follower Youtube channel, Suppoman said Moonbeam (), Saito (SAITO), Immutable X (), () and Stratos (STOS) are projects he hopes investors will not miss.

Moonbeam (GLMR)

is a smart contract platform compatible with the ecosystem of and built on top of the network of . The project is designed with the main purpose of helping to provide scalability to the network by deploying an EVM virtual host () works on this platform.

" has the potential to build for the future and add value to the future,” predicts the analyst will be able to “x100 from current price”, however, this will take time.

“Moonbeam attracts a lot of VCs,” adds Suppoman, and it is fundamentally strong for the scalability of both companies. () and Polkadot (). Moonbeam has the potential to be one of the biggest scaling solutions out there.

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“If the plans go well, this is going to be a huge bull run,” he said.

glmr price chart
GLMR . chart

Saito (SAITO)

Second on the list is Saito (SAITO). Saito is a project funded by the Web3 Foundation.

The project is extensible for Web3.0 and can solve the problems of Ethereum.

Blockdream Ventures, A195 Capital,, Blocksync Ventures, Infinity Labs, LOTUS CAPITAL, SIGNUM CAPITAL, PANDA CAPITAL… are the organizations that have declared support for Saito.

“Saito has a lot of potential for mainstream adoption. As it provides the web3 . infrastructure , this infrastructure can work great. SAITO can achieve a valuation of 1 USD, which is x25 times from the current price of 0.04 USD…this is a good time to enter,” the analyst said.

SAITO price chart
SAITO chart

Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X () is a new generation protocol that uses zk-rollups (zero-knowledge rollup) technology – a layer 2 solution to help expand the network. Ethereum.

Using Immutable X's technology, users can create and trade with fast speed, high scalability, almost zero gas cost without compromising the security of users.

Immutable X is essentially the “green version” of Ethereum. It's a scalable solution that completely minimizes all gas fees associated with , such as creating, casting, transferring, purchasing, etc.

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All fees are greatly reduced with Immutable X. This project does not have much activity as it is very new. According to Suppoman, “So it can hit the target of $9.5 from the current price of $1.77. The current level is too good to enter.”

IMX price chart
IMX . chart

Moonriver (MOVR)

The next project mentioned in the list is (). Is one smart contract, compatible with Ethereum on . It is intended to be a companion network to Moonbeam.

According to the analyst, "Moonriver's growth potential is still very large". It is currently trading at around $57, and could easily x2 to $100 when the real uptrend kicks in.

MOVR chart
MOVR chart

Stratos (STOS)

The last project mentioned on the list is Stratos (STOS).

Stratos is the next generation of Data Mesh, which provides a self-balancing, scalable database and storage network. Stratos was born to expand process capacity while preserving the decentralized benefits of a distributed protocol, including traceability, verifiability, privacy, etc.

STOS is currently trading at $1.27, having split in four from the $5.10 peak. However, according to Suppoman, the STOS price could completely return to the top soon because “The project team is building its own ecosystem, Stratos is compatible with EVM, Stratos is built on (), Stratos has time to perfect very fast, more than 10,000 transactions per second. In the future, Stratos will compete directly with major ecosystems in the market.”

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STOS . chart
STOS . chart

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