always change through each update to bring superior and user-friendly features such as:

  • Reduced to 0% transaction fee:
  • Instant transaction without KYC
  • Cash transactions
  • Escrow ensures safety, instant transactions just need a phone number.

Besides, to kick off 2020, we want to bring a surprise event as well as a spring gift for users on the internet. : Free withdrawal of all coins on T-Rex .

Thank you for using the floor service in the past time and we hope to continue to receive this support on the way to the international market.

The structure of new fees on T-Rex Exchange is as follows:

  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal Fee: Free
  • Transaction fee: Free


  • Free transaction for successful KYC accounts
  • Users will bear network fees when withdrawing coins on the exchange. This fee is paid to miners on the network . ( verb 0.1$ -0.2$/withdraw)

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