There is a lot of information that some of the above applications Solana encountered a security hole, causing users to lose money.

may be experiencing security problems, users should be careful


Until 9 a.m. on August 3, have not yet localized the vulnerability and determined the cause. In the face of various information flows, it has been advised that it is best for users to withdraw all funds from non-custodial wallets to a centralized exchange or to cold wallets for safety.

Original post:

On the morning of August 3, the community On Twitter, there are many reports that the Solana network may be experiencing a major security hole.

Many wallets have been discovered was withdrawn massively, with a value of up to several million USD. However, there is still no official source to confirm the actual damage figure.

The source also confirmed that the vulnerability is related to the platform Marketplace Magic Eden and Phantom Wallet, but no proof.

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The official Magic Eden Twitter page acknowledges Solana is experiencing security issues across the ecosystem and advises users to deauthorize the Phantom wallet to protect themselves, indirectly acknowledging Phantom as a faulty platform.

The community also shared how to deauthorize (revoke) the Phantom wallet.

Meanwhile, Phantom is working with other projects in Solana to find vulnerabilities and claims to not believe its wallet product is the platform that is having issues.

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