Funds attracted positive capital inflows for the second consecutive week, especially () with nearly all new investments going into European funds.

Number was withdrawn from the floor to reach the peak of 2022, institutional capital continued to pour in

According to a report by CoinShares Announced earlier in the week, crypto-asset funds have continued to record a net inflow of $179.8 million over the past seven days. This amount represents a similarity to the $ 193 million at the end of March, when the period marked a strong return of institutional capital, the highest in 2022. Currently about 99% of funds are pouring into European funds. , with the remainder allocated to funds based in the Americas.

Funds focus on Bitcoin raised 144 million USD and 23 million USD was transferred to (). Besides, () received only 8.2 million USD, down quite deeply compared to 87 million USD last week.

The special thing is the funds of Canada rose to an all-time high according to data from through accumulating up to 6,594 Bitcoin since January to reach the current ATH of 69,052 total BTC held. In which, the fund The largest Bitcoin in Canada is The Purpose saw the biggest increase in Bitcoins during this time period with a net growth of 18.7% to 35,000 BTC.

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Amount of Bitcoins held by Canadian ETFs. Source: Glassnode
Amount of Bitcoins held by funds Canada. Source:

The Purpose Bitcoin ETF currently has about $1.68 billion in assets under management. It should be noted that no such spot Bitcoin ETF is currently available in the United States. Therefore, the above figures reflect the fact that investors are extremely hungry for Canadian Bitcoin products. In fact, the wave of Bitcoin ETF investments in Canada skyrocketed amid the political turmoil in the country back in January.

On the other hand, the rate of Bitcoin being withdrawn from the exchange has achieved another impressive achievement of 96,200 BTC per month. Not only does this mark the highest in 2022, but it is also one of the most significant historical periods for BTC price trends. Because, cash flow fluctuations with great intensity are not common, only happened in a few cases in the past.

Bitcoin (BTC) exchange cashflow across all exchanges. Source: Glassnode
Bitcoin (BTC) exchange cashflow across all exchanges. Source: Glassnode

Moreover, only 2 million BTC have been mined since the second coin 19 million won Mined on April 1st, the scarcity of Bitcoin will certainly be a significant driver of BTC growth as adoption and investment increase across countries, corporations, and individuals.

Among the largest "whales" recently are Foundation Guard (LFG), an organization that is on a mission to buy 10 billion USD of BTC to concretize its ambition to become the largest representative of Bitcoin ownership in the world, just behind the father. .