Exchanges there are no plans to delist tokens that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)) has been labeled a security or registered with the agency as an intermediate market.

The new CEO of Kraken exchange announced that there are no plans to "cooperate" with the SEC
The new CEO of the exchange declares no plans to “cooperate” with

According to the newspaper Reuters, the exchange's newly appointed CEO Mr. Dave Ripley Kraken has stated he has no plans to register the company with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or delete any tokens that have been labeled as securities by the SEC on the exchange, because he himself cannot find any reason for such action when Kraken does not offer securities products.

However, Dave Ripley does not rule out going for a full listing of security tokens arguing that there may be some new tokens on the market that are also securities, in which case, Kraken is likely interested in this trend to further diversify the service it provides to users.

Basically, Dave Ripley is set to succeed veteran CEO Jesse Powell, who decided to step down on September 21 after 11 years in the position. In the company's statement on the leadership change, Ripley said his goals for the future are to continue what Powell has dedicated to developing Kraken and also noted that Powell is planning to continue. attached to the company with another position.

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Ripley's statement on Kraken's direction is in direct opposition to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who recently offered his thoughts on the state of exchanges. and the token is very clear. Accordingly, he reaffirmed his stance that most tokens on the market are securities.

Therefore, the community is worried that Kraken may face a lot of legal difficulties in the near future because the SEC has opened an investigation into the case. in July 2022 with the allegation of listing and trading up to 9 tokens as unregistered securities.

In the past, Kraken has also been criticized by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for allowing users based in Iran and other countries to purchase, crypto, possibly in violation of U.S. regulations. US sanctions.

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