Canadian Exchange Coinsquare” sheds light on the “insecure” incident on the platform, after the fear of being visited by hackers. 

Coinsquare exchange has compromised customer database

Coinsquare, one of the exchanges largest in Canada, may have been hacked, but customer assets are still "safe and not at risk", the exchange confirmed.

“Platform for buying, selling and trading , … safe and reliable Canada” emailed a customer yesterday to report the November 19 incident.

Accordingly, a certain third party has illegally infiltrated the database containing the customer's personal information. Since then, it has exposed customer names, email, residential address, phone number, date of birth, device ID, wallet address, transaction history and user account balance.

“However, no passwords were leaked. We have no evidence that any of this password information has been viewed by malicious actors," the email states.

Soon after, Coinsquare detected the breach, promptly notified customers, and suspended operations for maintenance and troubleshooting. However, the exchange restored full service on November 26.

“We would like to reiterate that 100% customer funds are kept safe in cold wallets and are not used for business activities,” the company insists.

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