Samsung is opening its first flagship store in through Decentraland ().

Samsung joins Metaverse

Samsung is expanding its presence into the virtual world.

The electronics giant has opened its first store in on yesterday. Announcing the update in a press release on Thursday, the company revealed it has opened a flagship store in Decentraland (), one of the most popular virtual worlds of .

The store, dubbed “Samsung 837X,” will be modeled after Samsung's physical store at 837 Washington Street in New York City. “This is one of the biggest franchises taking over land in Decentraland,” Samsung said in the press release.

Decentraland is one of the biggest beneficiaries of madness Metaverse starting in late 2021. Its market cap skyrocketed from around $1 billion to $6.9 billion as speculators rushed to buy MANA following Facebook's announcement to change its name to MANA. .

Decentraland is also one of the favorite virtual worlds of celebrities, stars like the Winklevoss twins and Snoop Dogg owning virtual lands in its Metaverse. Now, Samsung is joining them.

The Samsung 837X Store will offer a unique digital experience through the “Connected Theater” and “Sustainable Forest” where fans can complete quests to win 837X badges. .

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The Connected Theater will feature Samsung news from the Consumer Electronics Show running from January 5 to January 8. Sustainable Forests, on the other hand, will be the “a breathtaking portal where guests can embark on a journey through millions of trees — and even have a legendary encounter,”the company said.

Unlike some other big companies, Samsung hasn't shied away from connecting with the industry In recent years. It was one of the first mobile and software manufacturers to introduce a wallet app exclusively for your phone. 

Earlier this week, they also announced that they will be integrating the browser  into the high-end TV product line in 2022.

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