An extremely optimized process allows users to buy and sell multiple gift cards in the same order and minimize the risk of fraud.

After nearly two years of launching in the Vietnamese market, the exchange has won the trust and great support of users. So, in this international move, the exchange launches a brand new transaction service to serve the needs of global users - gift card purchases and sales of all kinds popular (//) with many features to increase transaction convenience.

Buy multiple gift cards in one order

What is a gift card and what is it for?

A gift card, or gift-card, is a form of electronic voucher used to pay for services and goods on e-commerce platforms. Gift cards are a very popular form of MMO because of its huge profit potential. Currently, there are many types of popular gift cards, the most prominent of which are gift-cards from Ebay, Amazon, Itunes, Google Play...

Minimizing transaction risks for gift card holders

Realizing the great potential of the gift card market, T-REX exchange has added gift-cards as a payment method in buying and selling transactions. . However, paying by gift-card has a certain level of risk. Therefore, the T-Rex team has thought from the user's perspective to optimize the safety of this process and produce a safe process. Disbursement according to progress.

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With T-REX's gift-card trading process, you can purchase multiple gift cards in one transaction. Number corresponding to each successful transaction gift card will be instantly paid to your wallet.

For example, when you open an order to trade $1000 Amazon gift card. You will trade 10 $100 tokens in that trade without opening 10 positions for each $100 card. In case you and your partner have confirmed the completion of 2 gift cards, but there is a dispute on the 3rd gift card, you will be paid immediately bitcoin corresponding to the previous 2 gift cards and end the transaction here. Thus, only the 3rd gift card is stuck in a dispute, the previous 2 cards will be disbursed. bitcoin corresponding to your wallet and you can continue to transact the remaining 7 cards without having to wait a few days for processing.

Maximum risk for bitcoin holders

On the part of the recipient, the risk usually does not take place in the transaction but takes place after using the gift-card. That's when you use a gift-card that was purchased with a stolen credit card or money from someone else's bank account. In this case, your purchase account is very easy to be locked and you may even get into legal problems. So how to censor the origin of gift-cards?

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The T-Rex exchange allows you to view invoices showing the origin of the gift card before accepting payment. The gift-card owner will upload the invoice and gift card and you will see the original invoice of this gift-card. Your bitcoins will not be locked until you accept the gift-card code. Therefore, you absolutely have the right to cancel the transaction if you do not agree with the invoice of the gift card.

The progress disbursement process will also help you limit the amount of assets frozen when disputes arise. You only lock the bitcoins corresponding to the disputed gift-card and withdraw the rest from the transaction. This point will help you avoid losing profits because of the frequent price fluctuations of bitcoin.

Immediately experience the best feature of buying and selling Bitcoin gift cards at T-REX Exchange.

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