Transaction of gift cards of allow you trade multiple cards in one order. When creating an order, the digital assets (assets) of the gift card buyer (buyer) will be loaded into the intermediary wallet. For each card confirmed by the buyer, the asset corresponding to that card will be deducted from the intermediary wallet and paid into the wallet of the gift card seller (the merchant).

After the seller posts the first card information, the buyer must confirm that he agrees to pay for that card before the seller can upload the next card. And so on for the next cards. The number of trading cards in an order is unlimited.

The actual transaction value can be less than the original value of the order, but not more. That is, you can trade from 0 - 100 USD gift-card in the order of 100 USD gift-card.

If there are no cards in dispute, the assets from the successfully verified cards will be paid to the merchant's wallet, the buyer will receive his remaining assets. If there is a dispute, the order will be automatically canceled, the property corresponding to the disputed card will be locked pending. The seller will still receive the assets from the previously confirmed tokens and the buyer will receive the remaining assets.

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Example: An order sells 500 USD gift-cards and pays with 10 . In this order, the seller can sell multiple gift cards with different denominations as long as the total face value is not more than 500 USD. In this example, I'll simply take the merchant with 10 $50 tokens.

You can end the order after completing the 6th card. If there is no dispute, 6 equivalent to 300 USD gift-card will be paid to the merchant's wallet, 4 The rest will be refunded to the buyer. If the 6th card is in dispute, the order will end here, 1 Bitcoin corresponding to a 50 USD gift-card will be locked pending. Seller will be paid 5 Bitcoin corresponding to the 5 previously confirmed tokens, the buyer will get back 4 remaining Bitcoins.

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