Polygon launched an extensibility solution using ZK-Rollups technology, zkEVM, which is compatible with EVM.

zkEVM: Layer-2 okay build for

July 20, 2022, launched an extensible solution using ZK-Rollups technology, zkEVM. It is known that zkEVM will be compatible with Virtual Machines ( Virtual Machine), or rather, projects built on zkEVM will easily integrate with the network Ethereum.

ZK-Rollups is a complex technology, used on to help process more transactions at a lower cost. ZK-Rollups is one of the L2 solutions being widely used on Ethereum.

Hermez co-founder Jordi Baylina is the strongest in the launch:

“Many people think that zkEVM is outdated, there is no competition among current L2s. No one trusts us.

But Polygon believes.”

zkEVM is still in phase and is expected to launch the mainnet by the end of 2022.

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This is the latest development after Polygon "swinged" $250 million acquisition of Hermez – which is an Ethereum L2 solution using ZK-Rollups.

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