Polygon launched Nightfall, the platform's new scalability solution with enhanced privacy.

Polygon "jumps forward", continues to launch an expansion solution for businesses Nightfall
"Overcome with victory", continue to launch an extended solution for businesses Nightfall

Business Director of , Mr. Antoni Martin, delivered a keynote speech at the Conference Global EY 2022 is organized by the audit "giant" Ernst & Young of the Big4 group to introduce Nightfall, the company's new solution to provide privacy for companies to use .

According to Martin's keynote, Polygon Nightfall will produce results eight times faster than base classes , transfer ERC20 tokens six times cheaper and completely transparent. Nightfall is one of four strategic scaling solutions of Polygon including Polygon Hermez (Zk-Rollups technology), Polygon Miden (Zk-Rollups technology combined with Zk-STARK-based StarkWare) and Polygon Zero (Zk-Rollups). ).

Polygon Nightfall combines ZK technology and Optimistic Rollups. Accordingly, Nightfall will use Optimistic Rollups to reduce transaction fees and use ZK to provide privacy, revealing only the time and date of the transaction while keeping the rest secret. In addition, Mr. Martin also revealed that Nightfall can be used in business activities such as supply chain management, transaction and coordinate blockchains together.

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Actually Ernst & Young (EY) started working on Nightfall in 2019 to allow its customers to use Ethereum privately. However, the project was halted when the company had to fight against the high gas fee barrier of in September 2021.

To cut the cost of transactions, EY partnered with Polygon. EY's two leading blockchain services, EY OpsChain and EY Blockchain Analyzer, have been connected to Polygon Nightfall. According to the announcement, the duo will continue to innovate on business-friendly solutions that prioritize privacy to grow their ecosystem.

A report from Foundation, the organization behind blockchain development Protocol (MINA) shows that the ZK mechanism has recently played an important role in the industry .

Based on the survey, improved privacy and scalability are the two main things that make ZK so appealing. Nearly all of the participants (90,1%) said they enjoyed the projects with ZK solutions. Also, 52.1% admits they are more likely to use more integrated with ZK.

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For the most overview of Layer 2 solutions above Ethereum as well as the technology behind them, especially ZK, please read the details through the two articles below:

ZK has become a development center in Polygon's strategic vision with a commitment from the foundation worth $1 billion to related projects. Recently, Polygon also unexpectedly released zkEVM, a layer-2 solution built for Ethereum built on ZK-Rollups technology.

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