(), a solution that extends layer-2 on a mesh network of Ethererum, currently trading around $2.15 at press time. A Crypto KOL Shared Reasons That Can Help pump x5 in the near future.

Lark Davis, a popular crypto KOL with nearly 500,000 followers on Youtube and 822,000 followers on Twitter, believes that MATIC can rally to $10 from current prices and nothing can stop the rally. its chief.

lark davis

To back up this prediction, Davis cited reasons that could help the coin rise.

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Last December,  acquired the startup Protocol for $400 million. Protocol is a Scaling Startup using ZK-Proof technology.

ZK-proof is a cryptographic tool that can be used to generate ZK-rollups. ZK-rollups allow transactions to be processed but do not require all transaction data to be posted on . This reduces the block space used on , thereby allowing it to scale and reduce gas fees.

ZK roll-up solutions of Protocol, Polygon will also be deployed and released. This means they can work on strings and have different solutions on Ethereum.

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Polygon said that Mir Protocol owns the fastest ZK-Proof technology. Therefore, the acquisition of Mir Protocol will be very beneficial for Polygon in terms of technology.

“Mir's amazing team has developed the world's fastest ZK scaling technology, we are joining hands to take it and build Polygon Zero – a highly scalable ZK Rollup that is compatible with Ethereum," Polygon tweeted.

Ernst & Young has also launched Nightfall on Ethereum and it is also launching on Polygon.

Spencer Noon said 0x Polygon bridge has seen $500 million in inflows in the past 7 days, about half a billion dollars has moved from other chains to Polygon, more than $28 billion at all times is now far out all of other bridges.

Davis says a lot of money is flowing into the Polygon ecosystem to improve the great user experience in order to keep the users in the ecosystem.


By 2021, Polygon has over 100 million wallets, over 3,000 applications launched, and over a billion transactions taking place on Polygon. They had 6 new solutions released. Only 15% has an address on Ethereum, which means 85% new Polygon users are choosing Polygon

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Polygon welcomed 7200 new developers in December 2021 alone.

In addition, 1.8 million smart contracts have been deployed on Polygon, 18 times the number of smart contracts that have been executed compared to Ethereum. 50,000 won Polygon-based were sold. 2 million on sale December 2021 on Polygon and .

More than 10,000 NFT collectibles on Polygon, 15 billion total assets, plus 80 active games, $2.5 billion in NFT trading volume.

These huge statistics are enough to prove Polygon's long-term growth.


UniSwap, the largest decentralized exchange in the world, is currently operating on Polygon.

, one of the protocols biggest. , market NFT biggest and The , one of the biggest metaverses, is also coming to Polygon.


Polygon is launching EIP-1559, which is the burning mechanism that Ethereum brings, currently live on .

“We will start burning MATIC on every transaction,” a Polygon representative said.

“For all these reasons and more, I believe a $10 MATIC is inevitable,” Davis assured his followers.

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