revealed their relationship with South Korea-based video game giant Neowiz.

Polygon shakes hands with gaming giant Neowiz to launch Web3 gaming platform
shake hands with the "giant" of the gaming industry Neowiz to launch the platform Web3

Through the partnership, the two platforms are set up to launch a game platform based on , which will bring some of Neowiz's popular gaming IPs to Web3 for the first time.

The new platform will be named Intella X. Through the standard implementation of core user ownership principles in Web3, Intella X is designed to distribute a share of all revenue generated out to ecosystem contributors.

Users can earn profits in many ways on Intella X. For newbies, they can start by staking or providing liquidity. from Intella X's native token IX.

At launch, Intella X's product line will include two Neowiz social media betting games "Cats & Soup" and "Cats & Soup". Nine", while a host of fan-favorite games from Neowiz are also lined up for future release.

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In addition, an exclusive wallet “IX Wallet” will also be launched. Built on Polygon's network, the wallet is optimized for game services but can also interact with any application any other.

By working with industry-leading game developers and publishers like Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, Wildcard, and Tilting point, Polygon has had time to settle in and achieve leadership in the gaming space. Web3. And now, the latest partnership could give a stronger push to take Polygon's place in the game to the next level.

Notably, in the network activity report for the second quarter of 2022, the blockchain game segment and of the Polygon recorded extremely impressive growth, if not completely "overwhelming" the field on the platform.

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