Bridge Polygon Bridge has just announced a partnership with Safe, help users move assets (multi-signature) cross-chain in a more convenient and cost-effective way.

Polygon Bridge partners with Gnosis Safe to support cross-chain multisig service
Bridge cooperation Safe support service cross chain

In his post, Bridge shows transaction costs on is a big barrier. Especially with complex operations like Gnosis Safe's multisig wallet, this barrier is even greater.

Understanding this problem, Polygon's product team built a Gnosis Bridge - a solution to support the transfer of Safe assets between two networks. Ethereum and Polygon.

This means that organizations can use multi-signature wallets, transfer assets back and forth between chains without worrying about security, cost and processing speed.

About Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe is a solution that allows users to set up multi-signature wallets, to reduce the risk of security attacks and to store assets in a decentralized manner. Interested readers can learn about Gnosis Safe in the article below!