Europe's largest telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom AG, is doing its best to support , a framework that can interact with the publicly co-founded  Gavin Wood create.


Deutsche Telekom's digital innovation subsidiary, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS), is no slouch in technology support .

The telecommunications company goes deep into space by providing the infrastructure to support (and participate in) the consensus mechanism of the service chain blockchain do provided, from Dapper Labs pioneer in the field and the network that prioritizes mobile payments .

But by diving in , Deutsche's innovation division takes it a step further: T-Systems not only provides a node-running infrastructure for users to staking assets on , but also buy a "significant" amount to stake for yourself, integrating crypto business functionality into the telecommunications company's accounting system.

According to Andreas Dittrich, head of Blockchain Solutions Center at Deutsche Telekom, although Polkadot is the fourth blockchain that Deutsche Telekom is working with, it is the first network T-Systems evaluates to operate the infrastructure and is in the sights of company from the very beginning. As a result, T-Systems will run several validators, both private and public, for the Polkadot network.

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“Like we did with Previously, we were also investing in tokens to be able to participate in the governance of the network and essentially use our funds to support our infrastructure use cases. The key difference is that this is not venture capital or innovation budget anymore, we are doing it ourselves with our own business unit. So this is really a business case. I have to say I'm really proud that we're doing this."

T-Systems can be a Substrate on polkadot

T-Systems may have had to wait a year or two until Polkadot is up and running, but the timing of this bold move is clear: Auction Round The first Polkadot is coming to an end and the network is open to the first 5 app builders this week.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, T-Systems is thinking of building its own applications on Substrate, the Polkadot blockchain programming framework, in 2022.

“We've been eyeing Substrate for quite some time, it's the last corner of our magic triangle: investment, infrastructure, and use cases. So we are also planning to develop decentralized applications on Substrate.”

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Currently, decentralized financial applications, and protocol compatible with is at the heart of networks”” builds on “layer 0” which is Polkadot.

Regarding the use cases T-Systems identified, Dittrich points to the early days of enterprise blockchain, when Deutsche Telekom joined the stable of Linux-linked Hyperledger of licensed ledgers.

“I think the opportunities that Polkadot providing for an enterprise-class use case is really interesting. It gives you the flexibility and security of a public, permissionless, but segregated blockchain. and interoperability between use cases. So even the good old supply chain use case reaps a lot on Polkadot, and I know that major industrial conglomerates are definitely keeping an eye on this ecosystem.”

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