Exchanges Announcement of the fourth Launchpad with the project (PTU). Users can get PTU tokens through pledging an amount () certain, based on the balance daily average (within 5 days from 20/11 to 25/11) in the account that the person owns.

What is Pintu (PTU)?

, an exchange Licensed by the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Authority (BAPPEPTI). Its platform provides access to a new open financial system to allow users to buy, sell, manage and use easily and quickly.

Pintu has raised $35 million from some of the biggest venture funds in the world in the Series A round, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Alameda Ventures, .com, Pantera Capital, Ventures, Castle Island Ventures and Intudo Ventures.

Token Information

• Name: Pintu (PTU)
• Total supply: 300,000,000 PTU
• Total allocation: 4,000,000 PTU (1,33% total supply)
• Maximum CAP per user: 8,000 PTU
• Price: 1 PTU = $ 0.25 (The exchange rate between BIT and PTU will be confirmed before the registration period)
• Format: Register
• Token commits: (BIT)

ByBit Launchpad

Snapshot time (snapshot): 7:00 (Vietnam time) November 20 to 06:59 November 25

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During this 5-day period, the average daily amount in your account (which can still be staked on Launchpool for interest without taking off) will be recorded via hourly snapshots. The report will be updated at 10:00 every day.

Registration period (Commit): From 10:30 on November 25 to 17:59 on November 25

You need to click the “Commit Now” button to commit certain BITs to the project during this subscription period. The amount of BIT that can be committed depends on the average daily BIT balance in your account for 5 days. Please note that the amount you have committed will be locked and cannot be accessed for transfer, withdrawal or trading until after token distribution.

Delivery time: From 18:00 on November 25 to 18:59 on November 25

Calculation: Number of PTUs allocated = (Number of BITs you committed / total BITs taken by all participants) * Total PTUs allocated to the project. Up to 8,000 PTUs per person, regardless of BIT holdings.

Based on the result of PTU allocation, the equivalent amount of BIT will be deducted from your committed amount, while your PTU allocation and remaining BIT will be returned to Spot account, after which you can keep depositing in Launchpool to get daily interest.

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Listing time: Pair PTU/ will be listed at 19:00 on November 25.

If you do not have a Bybit account, please register here and KYC to join the program.

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