While increasing by 61% in the last 30 days, the price still 60% below the all-time high recorded 9 months ago. Amid the market downturn, the network's average fee is now less than $5 per transaction.

At 8 o'clock on July 31 (Vietnam time), the data shows average fee is about 0.001 or 1.7 USD per transfer. Furthermore, Gas Tracker on Etherscan recorded even cheaper transactions over the weekend, in the $0.18 to $0.66 range.

Ethereum average network fees and average scale fees remain low

Ethereum has a value lower than 61% compared to November 10, 2021, but transaction fees on the network are much lower in recent days. On July 30, the average transaction fee of is about 0.001 ETH or 1.7 USD per transfer.

Follow statistical, Median-sized fees online are even cheaper, at 0.00039 ETH or 0.663 USD per transaction.

Average transaction fee of in July did not cross the $5 mark, while the average size fee did not exceed $2.50.

ETH ethereum

Source: Etherscan

Transaction data at the end of July on the Ethereum network shows transfer costs due to Gas Tracker of Etherscan recorded much lower than Bitinfocharts estimates. Gas Tracker statistics show sales on on July 30 worth 0.86 USD, trading on estimated $2.21 and ERC20 transfer is around $0.65.

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Layer 2 fee less than 0.5 USD per transfer or swap

Low to high transaction fees on the Ethereum network were recorded by Etherscan from 5 to 6 gwei per transfer on July 30. These values are vastly different from the transfer costs nine months ago when the ETH price hit $4,878.

At the time, Bitinfocharts figures reflected an average ETH transfer fee of around $29. Snapshot on archive.org show Etherscan's Gas Tracker recorded cheaper transaction fees.

While the fee on July 30 was between 5 and 7 gwei, the lowest fee on 9/9/2021 was 171 gwei or $12.83 per transfer. The cost of an ERC20 transaction is 39.71 USD and the transaction is 122.18 USD.

With very low Ethereum network fees, layer 2 (L2) fees on July 30 are even lower. One pass through Loopring requires 0.02 USD and to swap tokens is 0.39 USD. ZKSync transactions are 0.05 USD and token swap is around 0.13 USD. and has the highest L2 fees with $0.21 to $0.25 per transaction and $0.31 to $0.41 per swap.

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